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  • Founded:  2002
  • Headquarters: Béthune, France
  • 6 sales centers in France
  • AoY Rating: 0 of 5

The French company Five Auction aims to make the buying and selling of used cars a more attractive proposition using a unique and innovative approach. The company is the brainchild of five auctioneers who work on five basic principles, and FiveAuction is the first national network of sales and auctions that is open to both industry professionals and individuals.

Five Auction Marseille
A Five Auction sale in Marseille







Five Auction, an Original and Inventive Idea put car auctions firmly within everyone's reach, whether they are a car industry professional or whether they are a private individual. The business is built around five basic principles: Choice, Control, Trust, Warranty and Organisation Today, and with sites all over France, Five Auctions sales can be reached easily from every part of Europe. Sellers are also able to reach a wider audience through live online auction. Online auctions made easy with FiveAuctions: buyers can now choose from an incredible range of cars and other vehicles including agricultural and construction vehicles. Each car, truck, tractor or bulldozer is fully catalogued and photographed, before being placed in auctions. Live sales take place at Five Auction sites in France, but can be easily accessed via a clear and easy to use website.

Here is an overview of top auctioneers and traders in few European countries such as France, Spain and Italy.

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