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About 1st Machinery

1st Machinery Auctions Limited is based in Coventry in the English Midlands. The company has long experience in the auction of used machine tools in the UK, with annual sales of more than £10 million.

A long-established business

1st Machinery Auctions was formed by the merger of two well-established firms working in this sector. Together, these two companies bring more than 130 years of experience to 1st Machinery Auctions Ltd. The company is frequently used by UK finance companies and liquidators to raise the best prices for used machine tools and has contacts both in the UK and abroad to realise the best prices. The general manager is Richard Tomlinson and the company says that “integrity, discretion and professionalism” are among key qualities.

Offering a variety of auction formats online

First Machinery Auctions offers its technical abilities as well as its auction know-how to customers. Private treaty and tender sale are both offered as well as outright purchase, where funds are available straight away. A commission auction is another option and 1st Machinery Auction customers can also opt for a guaranteed auction, with a certain amount of return guaranteed to the seller.

Here is a list of top auctioneers and traders in the United Kingdom.

1st Machinery Auctions Ltd

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