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The auction house Epic Auctions B.V. in Eindhoven was only founded in the end of 2013 and it enters the market with major dedication and commitment. In 2014, four auctions are planned with a special focus on the construction industry, in particular on earthworks and civil engineering.

All-round service and know-how

In order to distinguish itself from other companies in this branch of industry, Epic-Auctions aims to utilize the profound skills and great experience of its employees in various industries as well as on the national and international markets. Their expert knowledge allows for explicit descriptions and advertisements of the auction lots aimed at a target audience so that all liquidation results can be highly optimized. The first auction took place in May 2014 and finished a big success. EpicAuctions specializes on cranes, bulldozers, loaders, construction elevators, tractors and diggers but also trucks, trailers, scaffolds and other construction equipment. Covering this very specific niche in the work of auction houses, Epic Auctions aims to develop as a special auctioneer with competence and know-how.

Auction house for the construction industry

The online platform of the auction house is aligned with the various categories of the target industries, such as construction, agriculture, transport, tools, forklift trucks and tractors. The construction machines, equipment and tools for the auctions can be presented on the premises of the company where successful buyers can also pick up their purchase after the finished auction. Since any payment is done with the help of a service provider Epic-Auctions can proudly reference complete transparency in its workings. The auction rules are clearly defined and the next big auction is planned for September.


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