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    Jungheinrich EFG

    Germany | Westertimke

    5,150 € $ 5,489 £ 4,449

    Jungheinrich EFG D 1.2 G 115-290 ZT Year: 1991 Engine type: Electric Mast type: duplex bearing capacity: 1200 kg Height: 1950 mm Lifting height: 3020 mm Length: 1700 mm device + 850 mm forks Operating width: 1000 mm Battery: 24 volt 400 Ah Weight :. 2130 kg + 353 kg battery device Extras int charger A shipper can be organized by us for transport costs are borne by the buyer. The electric truck is immediately usable. It is possible to load the electric forklift. Viewing is highly encouraged. Warranty and Gewährleistungsanprüche can not be granted, it should not agree, so please do not bid. The offer is exclusively for tradespeople. Explore my other articles! Take me to your favorites! Contact: FORKLIFT BASE For Heidkamp 18 27412 Westertimke Phone: (04289) 210368

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    Shine Putzmeister

    Germany | Erftstadt

    2,300 € $ 2,451 £ 1,987

    We offer a well-preserved used Putzmeister Shine book you is fully functional and it is sold with 2 compressors, the Orange is still like new. As well tedellosem accessories and associated tubing. Mortar hose, power cord, water hose for connection and water syringe Gladly also advance visit in Erftstadt possible delivery possible on request

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  • 26,180 € $ 27,906 £ 22,621

    Net weight: 4700 kgLeistung: 43.5 kWBaujahr 2007Betriebsstunden: 4900 inspection new 09 / 16Batterie new 03 / 16nächster Service at 5000 hZahnriemen Last Service 04 / 12Wegfahrsperreinkl. Folding shovel and pallet forks good general condition favorable transport on request Important information Please look after my other articles in my shop! A viewing is desired. No renegotiations. The article can on weekdays from 07.30 - 16.00 in Zaackoer include Weg 38, 15926 Luckau. Warning Special Agreement: merchant business. Tender may only companies i.S.d.§14BGB. A sale to consumers does not take place. The sale takes place without any warranty. Shall remain unaffected by the cases where an exclusion of warranty by law can not be done, for example, gross negligence, intent or personal injury.

  • 3,035 € $ 3,235 £ 2,622

    1 piece 20ft Double Door Container (mint condition) Yr .: 2013 Color: blue Dimension: ca. 6,05 x 2,44 x 2,59 m Internal dimensions: ca. 5,89 x 2,34 x 2,39 m The container is waterproof and windproof. Other containers on request. Supply and discharge extra charge. Container meets the photos, but other CTR number. The container is purchased as seen or could be seen.

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    Clark DPM

    Germany | Korschenbroich

    4,636 € $ 4,941 £ 4,005

    Forklifts Clark DPM 30 properties 1 x Used forklifts Brand: Clark Model: DPM 30Baujahr: 1988Gewicht: 4.3 to.Technische data: Lifting capacity: 3 to.DieselDuplexmastLieferbedingungen: free on truck payment: before collection We arrange an appointment with you !!! We are happy to answer any further questions you at the following numbers: +49 (0) 2182 5705930 (Mon-Fri 8:00 to 17:00) +49 (0) 173 5293416. photo info We are happy to answer your queries via e-mail to: The products are in the written state and can be viewed like by appointment before the bidding. Please also refer to the offers in our shop. We are always interested in buying following items: Construction machinery and equipment machine tools, industrial machines, forklifts, industrial supplies, workshop requirement.

  • 2,350 € $ 2,504 £ 2,030

    Bride, Part Number: 07043359629 We sell a work platform manufacturer Blumenbecker Model / Type SB1-3 Bj: 1999max. Load: 300 kgGeräte number: 201345 / 6Betr. voltage: 400 VoltEig. Weight: 800 kgArbeitshöhe: 5000 mm Visit our ebay-shop ---> If you have not found there your truck or truck, call us. Surely we can help you! Since we used technical products that act out to decommissioning functioning production, a guarantee in the legal framework is not possible for us. Therefore, we ask the supply to you products for transport damage to check and complain, later, in this regard complaints can not accept you werdenSollten be dissatisfied with us or your product, call us and we will try to find the problem a solution. A spot is possible and desired visit / inspection of the article. Arrange an appointment with us Tel .: +49 (0) 211-996 14 008 on request delivery possible. You will receive a proper invoice showing VAT bid only if you agree with the above mentioned!

  • 22,015 € $ 23,466 £ 19,022

    Mini digger Yanmar SV18 Welcome to ATLAS COTTBUS. We rent and sell excavators and cranes for commercial customers. We are distributors of Atlas Maschinen GmbH company in Ganderkesee, the company Weycor in Wildeshausen, by Yanmar compact equipment and of Ammann and Humbaur. For over 20 years we are in Brandenburg as for construction equipment and vehicle technology firmly on the market etabliert.Artikelbeschreibung Mini digger Yanmar SV18 incl. Schnellwechsler MS01, available now! Year 2014; Verstellfahrwerk; Proportional control; 3rd control circuit; Schnellkuplungen; Operating weight: 1975 kg; Transport weight: 1900 kg; Engine: 3TNV70-VBVA2; 9.9 kW diesel; ready for immediate use. Sale takes place only to retailers or export. Errors and incorrect information subject to the Offer. An inspection of the vehicle is desired within our opening times or by appointment. Mo. - Fr. 08:00 to 18:00 Phone Contact: 0171-2407102 Financing you can inquire. Warning Special Agreement: merchant business

  • 2,380 € $ 2,536 £ 2,056

    1 piece 10 ft standard storage containers (excellent condition) Bj .: December 2012 color: blue with lock box as the advent backup Dimension: ca. 2,99 x 2,44 x 2,59 m Internal dimensions: approx 2.83 x 2,35 x 2,37 m The container is waterproof and windproof. The container is sold as seen or could be seen. Not guaranteed. Other containers on request. Supply and discharge extra charge.

    • Fixed Price

    Kehr-Fix broom block broom, sweeper, Broom Machine

    Germany | Erndtebrück

    1,600 € $ 1,705 £ 1,382

    The KehrFix block broom are a professional choice for easy and effective sweeping and watering of large areas of solid ground. KehrFix block broom are maintenance-free, robust and easy to clean. The special arrangement of the bristles, the cleaning performance is huge. The durability of the bristles is substantially higher compared to rotating systems. Even in winter the service finds KehrFix application because the damage of protruding edges on the ground (curbs manhole covers) is avoided. Drive chains, hydraulic, PTO or electrics are not needed. Simply connect the machine and go. KehrFix block broom are in different working widths of 1.25 m to 2.90 m and with 6-20 rows of bristles available and can be installed on almost any existing carrier vehicle. By fully galvanizing of high-strength frame, the maintenance-free and universal KehrFix block broom are better protected against corrosion and chemical attack. A great help was the KehrFix in removing water, sludge and solids in flood af

    Offering a Stabrüttler vibrator 57mm branded Wacker type Iren57 ST1 built in 2010 Simply convincing Who often times has to make concrete, the fresh concrete white must be compressed before it reaches optimum quality. For this purpose, such Flascherüttler is essential. This is a brand product from Wacker. The device is u.s.w. for concrete compaction in structural and civil engineering, formwork, foundations, columns and pillars used. Specifications: Type Irish 57 ST1 bottle diameter 57mm, length 200cm bottles bottle connector 3-polig42V; 17,3A; 1,05kW condition see image. All in all, you are bidding on professional equipment, for special use. The device is used and is in good condition. The original price is 2000, - € The sale is as always no guarantee! The vibrator can be shipped for € 79.99 per Spedition! The shipping costs are borne by the Käufer.Weitere this Stabrüttler, in other dimensions (450cm), are available on request. Happy bidding!

  • 549 € $ 585 £ 474

    Bautrockner Wilms KT 700 professional quality, ex Mietpark Wilms KT 700, max approx 45l / 24, 0.94 KW, about 55 kg The unit comes from a rental park, so it is professional quality, which is not comparable with the cheap DIY goods is. This article is used, this means: - The product has a certain use-related wear, but has been verified to work - the item has several traces (scratches, dents, paint peeling off, holes where the - was sign the landlord attached) the condition of the please article, see the stored images, they are an illustration of the properties for sale article. Delivery, see pictures, the article may have slight shelf wear. Call us for any questions please 08208/9578014 or send us an email to basti@hesgmbh.comBei the machines and equipment offered by us is there are devices which originate from large landlords and are mostly underused. The advantage with this MietrÜckläufern is that it is always 1. is professional quality and 2. that always all the specific maintenance a

  • 1,792 € $ 1,910 £ 1,548

    Endress ESE 1006 DSG GT Duplex, 1433 hours of operation, power generators rated voltage of 230-400 volts, Bauj.2011, maximum power 11.0 KVA 8.8 KW, with 4-stroke Subaru EH 63 electric start, 50 Hz, 2 x 230 volt, 2 x 400 volt 16 amp, consumption 2.9L / h fuel tank capacity 30 liter is sufficient for 10 / h, weight 155 KG, length 850 mm, width 650 mm, height 575 mm, function checked, see pictures, questions post please us an email or call us at 0171-5498550 to. Viewing and collection in 29614 Soltau Hambostel 5 möglich.angegebene shipping costs for shipping throughout Germany, other equipment can be found in the shop by eBay Turbo Lister The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

  • 800 € $ 852 £ 691

    Here, a diesel heater of 83.9 kW is available - ideal for industry, workshops and tents - a flexible tube that is placed in the space to be heated - heated quickly and efficiently - Capacity: 83.9 kW - air flow : 4500 m³ / h - consumption: 6,64 kg / h - power: 800 W / 230 V - fuel: diesel oil - with hose (see photo) - pickup in Selfkant (Heinsberg) or Meerbusch (Dusseldorf)!

  • 4,800 € $ 5,116 £ 4,147

    800x600 double office container 6055 mm x 4870 mm x 2890 mmGebrauchter Office containers with exterior color RAL 2008/2010 and a central access door. The container has a very spacious office and a storeroom. The office has 3 windows [HxW] 900 x 1400 mm complete with shutters. The windows are fitted with tilting and opening mechanism. Outer door panel, door between timber. The floor has a new, continuous plastic carpet. The two container halves are each, fully equipped with an electrical installation with fuse box. The container was the last 3 years in a factory and was not exposed at this time to the elements. In the container, a storage level of wooden planks was set. This can be disassembled and delivered. The office container is delivered without furniture! All technical data are based on the manufacturer's specifications or accompanying documentation. Errors excepted. Subject to prior sale. The description has been made in good faith, however, applicable is the actual condition, wh

    • Fixed Price

    Kubota R410 wheel loader Hoflader wheel

    Germany | Dingsleben

    11,500 € $ 12,258 £ 9,936

    Auctions Open this Kubota R410 wheel loaders built in 1995 with articulated steering and only 3077 hours of operation (counter function) via Logbook of the predecessor detectable Vehicle Description Total weight: 3700kg, Walter Mauser cab, 4-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, Kubota V1902-BH 27/36 kW / PS, Knicklenker, cabin heating, Electrical works .... blade with cutting about 0.5 cubic capacity Dimensions of equipment 4,12x1,58x2,45 m 3Steuerkreis exist .... the front of the quick-change! for folding shovel, broom, auger or similar very robust machine, with a total height of 2.45 meters, thus it fits in almost any garage ..... behind can grow a backhoe tuned pipes are original for postponed, unfortunately I this excavator not to it's quick couplers fitted with blade, the wheel loader is in a used condition .... engine, transmission is sealing the engine was not abgekärchert with me or made Bauer blind, with pallet fork loaders is honest as see pictures .... motor runs nice and qu

  • 595 € $ 634 £ 514

    Terex Schaeff KAB. FRAME SHELTER FOR HR12 / HR13 / ZR15 / RH1.17 Dear Sir or Madam, For over 50 years the company Kraemer employs Construction with the sale, the supply of spare parts and the repair of machinery, equipment and components of the and civil engineering, landscaping and the industry of stone and earth. Our sales program includes the brands: Schaeff / Terex, Yanmar, O & K, Furukawa, Komatsu, Hanomag, Doosan, Ammann, Toyo, JCB, MF, Fermec, Weber, Ahlmann and Atlas Copco.Von our 60 employees are more than half in customer service busy acting with 8 service vehicles. Highly skilled and educated installers ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of your machine. Our spare parts service has about 80% of the common parts of our house brands in stock. 95% are made in 24 hours. Available. Auction fees are at our charge. Payment is by cash in advance or cash on pickup. The shipping costs within and outside of Germany negotiable. The goods are insured and is delivered by forwarding to

  • 1,580 € $ 1,684 £ 1,365

    I offer here a good used demolition unit ready to. Composed of a hydraulic unit and a hydraulic demolition hammer. Manufacturer Atlas Copco, built in 2011, otherwise known as photo nameplate. Good functioning state. Wuppertal. Nationwide shipping € 75, -. Questions under Tel .: 0163 / 8,357,964th

  • 672 € $ 716 £ 580

    We sell a used, well preserved, fully functional toilet cabin here. The toilet is outside and inside lockable. It's a urinal, a toilet roll holder and a non-slip floor available. The toilet is empty and clean (see photos) and in good condition. The toilets have multiple redundancies. Material: Plastic External dimensions approximately 1.20 m x 1.20 m x 2.30m holding tank ca 208 l, weight 70 KG From this model are about 60 pieces for sale. The toilet is in 59329 Wadersloh. Delivery by freight carrier Nationwide (except islands) to curb for € 145.00 incl. VAT. Gladly the toilet cubicle can also be picked up. Upon request, additional toilets can still be sold. Color and model changes. No sale to private. The sale takes place under exclusion of any warranties and guarantees. Sold as seen, would or may be-is. Fundamentals are the AGB'S seller. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us: Tel. 02523 / 9599-0 Fax: 02523 / 9599-20

  • 5,890 € $ 6,278 £ 5,089

    Lighting system Olympian GEPX 18 LT, Bauj. 2008 with 7583 hours, power KVA / KW 16,5 / 13,3, rated voltage 400/230 volts, rated current 23.8 A, Max sound power 2000/14 / EC 88 LWA, sound pressure in 7 meter distance and 75% load 63.3 dB (A), the fuel tank 48 liters, operating time at full load 10.5 h, operating weight 1650 KG, lighting 6 x 1500 Watt, mounting height 9 meters, lumen 198000, dimensions LxWxH approx 4750x1550x2000 mm , sockets 16A / 230V, 16A CEE, 32A CEE, ready to use, store 29614 Soltau, Hambostel 5 in questions please send us an email or contact by phone at 0171-5498550 us by eBay Turbo Lister free setting tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

  • 4,999 € $ 5,328 £ 4,319

    WC Container 3m x 2.5m, pre-owned equipment 2 WC, 2 urinals, sinks Tel. 0171-7763600 Since it is a used container is a tour recommended and by appointment under 0171-7763600. In the container, no warranty is granted .On the invoice the goods are declared with deficiencies. The Bidder agrees to placing a bid. Bid Price incl. 19% VAT. You will receive a proper invoice with VAT A delivery by crane-truck is at additional cost. The loading on the appropriate vehicle at Pickup is free.

  • 7,999 € $ 8,526 £ 6,911

    Stromagregat 73 KW According to DIN 6280 firefighters continuous power Formerly firefighters only 40 Bietribsstunden.Motor: Iveco 6 cylinder turbo with Ladeluftkühlung.Leistung 82KVA generator LSA 44L5A 1500U / min400V 50HzBetribsstunden about 40 h, only every Saturday for 10 minutes at firefighters gelaufen.Komplet with manuals , silencers, control cabinet, exhaust, intake air, TANL 240l and hand pump generator komplet with Wasserkühler.Verkauf for tradespeople without Gewerleistng and warranty

  • 2,850 € $ 3,037 £ 2,462

    Very well preserved and hardly spilled rüttelplatte Wacker -start with E. - Technically perfect condition. - Hatz diesel engine. BJ 2003. - Operating Massa 426 kilo. 50 Kn. 6.1 Kw. Furthermore, the vibration plate has a new air filter and a new fuel filter, and an oil change! With new battery. Before & Reverse Current. please mail More info

    • Fixed Price

    MAKITA HM 1800 electric hammer - chisel

    Germany | Lemgo

    790 € $ 842 £ 682

    Makita HM 1800 electric hammer, electric chisel Big Stemmhammer Makita 230V outlet 1000 hammer blows per minute with flat chisel 1700W Year 2004 Original price 1800 EUR For any questions you can reach me at 0171-6243827.

    • Fixed Price

    Weber Stampfer Srv 65 70 KG

    Germany | Worms

    750 € $ 799 £ 648

    Hello I Sell my Weber Stampfer srv 65 70kg bj: 2002 Runs super good is waiting for a new owner and a Baustelle😂 Only collection Cash If you want you can try it briefly 1.2.3.Deins

    • Fixed Price

    Wheel loaders

    Germany | Basberg

    42,000 € $ 44,769 £ 36,290

    Very good condition and immediately einsetzbar.Cummins motor, blade 4,2cbm, central lubrication system, rear view camera, VAT is deductible, provide details under 01717272216

  • 1,290 € $ 1,375 £ 1,114

    For sale will be offered: Becker & Söhne SV 200 / 28D KompressorBj. 1984 - BW supply price € 26,964.20 Durable and hardwearing Bundeswehr Kompressor.√ Supplied with pressure hose and tool set.. Condition see original photos and Video.√ engine and operating condition GUT.√ test run and function test was durchgeführt.√ traces / Lagerspuren housing outside. Slight leak at the right pressure vessel. Please note Video test run. Instant Einsatzbereit.√ make numbers 630 D - BJ.1984 Technical Details: - Manufacturer: Becker and Söhne Model: SV 200 / 28D- drive about Ferryman 1 cylinder diesel engine Schallgedämmt- printing performance 28 bar 2 x pressure vessel max. 12 bar capacity 200 L / min- engine is started by means of a hand crank (see video) - Dimensions: 1200mm x 700 mm Weight: 400 kg More BW aggregates and accessories in our eBay Shop.MED-Tec24 - NATO SHOP See Try our other articles! Learn more via or 0171-7407307. ORIGINAL VIDEO ORIGINAL PICTURES

    • Fixed Price

    Terex loaders TL 80, BJ. 2016 95 Hour (0557)

    Germany | Rheda-Wiedenbrück

    49,980 € $ 53,275 £ 43,185

    Dear Sir or Madam, For over 50 years the company Kraemer employs Construction with the sale, the supply of spare parts and the repair of machinery, equipment and aggregates for the construction and civil engineering, landscaping and the industry of stone and earth. Our sales program includes the brands: Schaeff / Terex, Yanmar, O & K, Furukawa, Komatsu, Hanomag, Doosan, Ammann, Toyo, JCB, MF, Fermec, Weber, Ahlmann and Atlas Copco. From our 40 employees, more than half are employed in customer service to act with 8 service vehicles. Highly skilled and educated installers ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of your machine. Our spare parts service has about 80% of the common parts of our house brands in stock. 95% are made in 24 hours. Available. Terex TL 80 (Vorführmaschine) Year: 2016 Working hours: 95 Weight: 4.90 tons Engine power: 45 kw Engine Manufacturer: Deutz Equipment Cab, Quick hitch hydraulic, additional control circuit details driver's seat MSG 85 (. Basic version with h

  • 4,990 € $ 5,319 £ 4,311

    Light Tower / Light Giraffe Make: WACKER Model: LTC 4 Elektrostarter additional outlet for current collection on the generator on a wheeled chassis, Make: Jotha with duplicate of the vehicle documents (see photo) for HU (TÜV) -Decrease & registration For questions, surveys, etc.! Phone: 0178/8915066 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IT IS AN INVOICE WITH PROVEN VAT. CREATED The VAT is already included in your bid (.. Bid INCL 19% VAT) SEE ALSO MY OTHER AUCTIONS: equipment, machinery, etc. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WAREHOUSE ADDRESS: Easter Holten 17 - Gewerbegebiet ALDER OST46348 Raesfeld - Erle The units have all household signs of wear, as is normally the case of used things, I think. The devices can be like to visit / try it for yourself by APPOINTMENT ARRANGEMENT! Sales made to tr

    • NEW!
    • Fixed Price

    Diesel generator power generator US Army Generator

    Germany | Hütschenhausen

    690 € $ 735 £ 596

    Sell ​​an old emergency generator from US Army stocks Unfortunately, I know myself so not! The thing runs but is 110 V. Sell it to hobbyists or collectors! Please ask before bidding WATCHING AND TESTING! WOULD LATER PROBLEMS AND NEGOTIATIONS DONT! CONDITION DATA .... .... SEE PICTURES !!! Speditionsversand on request possible !!! Watch out !!! I to note that I am not a dealer but a private person. However, the new EU law stipulates that now also private individuals are guaranteed for one year and exchange rights to all products must be, unless that they exclude it. By placing a bid, you expressly agree to wave the legal regarding 1-year period. Guarantee / warranty for used articles. I do not guarantee. With your bid you agree that you expressly waive the exchange, complaints or return, undertake to accept and recognize this as a contract. The sales amount is to be transferred to the account within 7 days. Or banc to Zahlen.Kein Exchange no redemption No Nachverhandeln.Mit a bid on thi

  • 699 € $ 745 £ 603

    Product description: Manufacturer / Manufacturer: LAMTEC / SAACKE Name / Description: control module Fn01 - F250 (see photos) Volume / Quantity: 1 Specifications / nameplate: see photo Technical data / label: see photos Condition: comes from ongoing operations / technical okCondition: used / technically ok warranty 1 year / 1 year warranty WE SHIP WORLDWIDE PLEASE ASK FOR SHIPPING COST questions? You can contact us by e-mail like: Questions? You can contact us via e-mail: In bidding amount are 19% VAT included, the werden.Die separately identified product is sold as described and include (see photos).. INTERNAL NUMBER: 7-4

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