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    M-Tec FORTE Airless Paint Sprayer

    Germany | Bad Hersfeld

    1,500 € $ 1,598 £ 1,296

    Sell ​​M-Tec FORTE airless paint spraying unit of M-Tec FORTE Mint Bj.2001maximal. 210Bar400 V50 HZ16 A Rest See PHOTO If questions exist emailed or 0160-94923304. You can inspect the goods on the spot. Sale as shown on the pictures. Sell ​​to businesses without guarantee and no guarantee, no redemption.

  • 1,728 € $ 1,842 £ 1,493

    SEPHASCAN SEPHA SCAN BLISTER PACK SCANNER LEAK DETECTION SYSTEM The data sheet of this product was originally written in English. Below is an automatic translation into German. If you have any questions, please contact us. SEPHA SCAN BLISTERPACKUNGGuter used condition Exactly AS SHOWN SOLD DELIVERED WITH DIFFERENT MATRICES (2 DIFFERENT KINDS) EUROPEAN SHIPPING - PLEASE ASK FOR ANGEBOTEMwSt. bill is mitgeliefertInspektion / collection, please visit our BA 140 XD (TROWBRIDGE) stock FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING PLEASE CONTACT Siek VAT is not applicable OUTSIDE EUNICHT-EU VAT UK registered business' are also not required to pay VAT Mail tO vALUE ADDED tAX REDUCTION tO dISCUSS PLEASE. Please use the eBay messaging system to communicate with us, this is sent to both the bidder / purchaser and us in case of Rechtsstreits.Wir will not respond to e-mails outside the eBay messaging system for the protection of "The sale of this item, the be regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration and stat

    • Auction: Last day

    Long belt sander Johannsen, T82-K

    Germany | Unterdießen

    800 € $ 852 £ 691

    Johannsen narrow-belt sanding T82-K -with recently (300mm) and long (450mm) sanding pad used, very good condition - engine 7,7 kW - fan motor 5,5 kW - Table size: 2800 x 950 mm - tape length: 150 x 7800 mm - upper band cover - upper sanding support - laws left running - built in 1979 by the fan motor, you do not need any external suction. The dust collecting device (shown on the left in the background) is included in the price. Charges include 30 sanding belts are with different grits contain (value 300 Euro). You can grind with this sander easily veneered panels. The wood of the machine is not included in the price. Storage and Inspection location: 86944 Unterdießen handover in current condition as seen. After consultation, a forklift for charging the machine is available. ONLY pickup possible. Please contact: mobile: 0174-4147171 private sale

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    • Auction: Last day

    edge grinder, sanding parquet, parquet sanding

    Germany | Dogern

    696 € $ 741 £ 601

    bona mini edge is therefore a benefit unit of top class vintage 2013 as new in my other auction I sell even turned Künzle tassin scorpion the device can be viewed in 79804 Dogern. but would dispatch possible prefer my device would pick up shipping costs, depending on the delivery location between 55.- and 65 euros (excluding islands) and at the conclusion, as always warrantless even if the device in a very good state is

    • Auction: Last day

    Mafell table chainsaw KSU 330

    Germany | Oberkirch

    1,100 € $ 1,172 £ 950

    I am selling a chainsaw / Abbundsäge - table chain of Mafell. The condition is used. The product is fully functional. Features: - 220 volt Profigerät- pivoting range 0 ° -60 ° - Sword length 35cm- automatic Kettenschmierung- chain new geschärft- thoroughly cleaned & Geprüft charcoal pencils at 80-90% - long flexible Power Cord Parallel Anschlagsschine- very longevity technically in very good condition and optically in good condition - Delivery as the picture insured shipping for any questions please contact me! I take over the Ebay cost, the buyer will pay the shipping costs and the risk of all details were provided by me to the best of my knowledge and belief .The offered article is used and has therefore usage and wear. I back to that of the offered subject of the description and the figure does and does not have me known errors or omissions on the description out. I am not a dealer, but after BGB a private person. warranty, product or material defect liability for selling on Ebay an

    • Auction: 3 days left

    Bandsaw Jaespa MSU4 bandsaw machine

    Germany | Oberding

    2,790 € $ 2,973 £ 2,410

    Hello, You are bidding on a band saw the brand Jaespa. She is still in pristine condition because it has been annually serviced. Clear signs of wear are evident, but it was relatively little used (not every day) .Gerne You can view the machine even prior to purchase and test them for their functioning. However, it is not a blade present. The running test can, however, easily durchführen.Die bandsaw is located in Oberding in Bavaria and would if successful purchase, are even picked. During loading I am happy to help. Here are a few features: Vertical band saw JAESPA type MSU 4Fabr. No. 16308 92 roll diameter 420 mmAusladung 400 mmTischgröße 615 x 615 mmSchnitthöhe 350 mmSägebandlänge min. 3450 - max. 3640 mmSägebandgeschwindigkeit 20-2500 m / min. infinitely network connection 400 volts, 50 Hz stepless band speed 2 engine speeds, 2 gear stage and continuously variable belt drive saw table advanced swiveling 2 gear stage saw blade welding machine IDEAL BS 0-16- Saw Blade Scissors grindst

    • NEW!
    • Auction: 2 days left

    Trio Lägler sanding floor sanding parquet renovate wooden floor

    Germany | Geisenfeld

    1,800 € $ 1,918 £ 1,555

    For sale is a trio of Lägler. Ready for immediate use. The exhaustion was ever canceled and was welded again. On dust container reinforcements have been fitted, as this breaks with the time. The attachment of the Alulochblechs to the inner filter was reinforced with a stable flat iron as it gets cracks by the vibrations on the attachment and otherwise terminates with time. The rubber pads on the back of the frame tear over time, so I have left and right mounted two of these rubbers and 1x on the sides a and 1x two spare rubber mounted, which are simply pushed over when one of the two Isolation Pads breaks back. At the front of the machine carpet was angekelbt, so that the wall will not be damaged during grinding. As seen in the picture are three sanding pad, a lead weight, the connecting cable and the Velcro tape to the machine. The machine comes from a working resolution. Only pickup. No shipping !!! No guarantee, warranty or return. Cash on pickup. Collection 85290 Geisenfeld.

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    • Auction: 3 days left

    Zimmermann FZ

    Germany | Werl

    1,111 € $ 1,184 £ 959

    Oscillating roll grinding machine manufacturer Zimmermann FZ OZ Ma. . No. 66 built in 1967 1,5 kW Location: 59457 Werl The machine can be viewed like and tried under power. A truck for loading is available. It is possible to examine the items, Suburban for sale expertly. Specific questions should be clarified in advance. The details, such as technical data, dimensions, year, condition is not binding and were shown to the best of my knowledge and belief. Errors are thus reserved. The warranty / guarantee is excluded. The product is sold from store / warehouse, with dortigem transfer of risk to the buyer, this also applies to a delivery on our part, which we have executed on your behalf. The auction is intended only to retailers, distributors and legal Personen.Bitte you submit only one bid if you agree you sind.Sehen also my other offers. The item MUST unless otherwise agreed to be picked up within 14 days of the invoice date. Otherwise, the cost of storing shall be billed.

    • Auction: 1 day left


    United States | Verden

    555 € $ 591 £ 479

    Sell ​​a dresser with 3 functions. Planing, Sägen.Fräsen. The engine was tested and is running properly. Accessories No .It lacks a V-belt. About the age I can not say .Machine was always in a container in the dry. Preview by appointment under 01,705,292,868th sale by owner. No guarantee Gewährleistung- redemption. Only Collection to sales within 5 working days. Who does not agree, not on the product offer. It is only sold the machine as can be seen in the pictures. The engine on the dresser i'm still with that.

  • 699 € $ 745 £ 603

    Sells a Greifzug, cable, lever hoist manufacturer is here orginal Greifzug type TU32 easy towing 3,2Tonnen double towing (not included) 6,4Tonnen in tin trunk with rope and telescopic tube swivel hook is missing means pulley (not necessarily required) pin is missing (but also fits an ordinary tractor bolts) condition Second, almost as good as new from companies resolution images See All offered articles originate, unless otherwise indicated from insolvencies, auctions, overproduction and inventory reductions. The products are mainly used and therefore have signs of use. These will not be further described. Goods with the label "NEW" were delivered in most cases already to a consumer or intermediate supplier, the manufacturer's warranties are possibly already extinct. These products are specially marked. Since it is hardly possible to consider all the items on all the functions and scopes is each prospective advised in advance your own impression of the offered item to make differences

    • Auction: 3 days left

    Belt sander Sanding belt sander belt sanding 1.5kW

    Germany | Klingenberg

    699 € $ 745 £ 603

    Grinding functional, to pull level sander with pad grid: approx 105cm length emery board above about 72cm distance between the shafts (discs) approximately 105cm width of the grinding table below: 70cm length approx 2.90 m could be there until about 2,95m / 3,00m screws apart. With 3m you would have possibly the 2 slots something polish Bandbrieite to 20cm Motor 1.5 kwGesamtmaße:. Length about 155cm, Height 115cm, Depth 60cm (with the table extension rail 1m)

    • NEW!
    • Auction: 3 days left

    Edge banding, edge banding, Hebrock similar AKV 069 o. 089

    Germany | Lich

    650 € $ 692 £ 561

    Hello! For sale is here an edge banding machine from a Carpenter resolution. Edgebander for pre-coated edging material. MelaminkantenABS edge to 1mmKappung the edges to o, 5 cut mmBündig (milling) of the edge up and down to 0.5 mmAufwärmen hot air Location: 61250 Usingen Only collection, No delivery. Help during loading spot is given. (Machine fits decomposed in a car) For further questions please send me an email. For sale, no withdrawal, no guarantee, no warranty Searches: Carpenter resolution, joinery resolution, workshop resolution, edge banding machine, edge banding, Kantenmaaschine, Anleimgerät, edge band, Hebrock

  • 3,500 € $ 3,730 £ 3,024

    Self-propelled bandsaw frame could of ... Hanomag ... be ... at least is at the hub nuts .. Hanomag ... The wheels have a size of ... from 6.50 to 20 on the frame part is the number. .... TO 77533 134 ... maybe someone can order what to do ..... it is a cabin of the Fa. Peko mounted. The saw has a superior wheel diameter of about 70 cm, the Deutz engine evaporator has the number 535 772 ...... that would be a pre-war motor ... as the 30s is the flywheel diameter 65 cm motor is "free "and can be turned good ...... (it was no functional test carried out) According to the previous owner ... Info`s the saw was .. down a few years ago by his grandfather and it was cut it. Length about 4.0 mtr width 1.7 mtr H 2,0 mtr you can before pleased to offer an appointment with me to arrange. Only to Pick Up! No delivery or transport ... on my part! Location: 67365 Schwegenheim / Pfalz The offer applies only to the illustrated in the picture bandsaw ... nicht's what is visible in the background ...! T

  • 800 € $ 852 £ 691

    They increase on a used vertical conveyors: Manufacturer: IBG Automation type: MM - O Year: 1995 Dimensions L x W x H: 1600 mm x 900 mm x 3,050 mm The auction price includes 8.0% Swiss VAT. You will receive an invoice in which the VAT is shown separately. Prices are FCA from stock. The sale of the chain conveyor is carried out under exclusion of any guarantee and warranty .. The E-Bay fees will be borne by us. Now, the information according to § 6 TeledienstG general information requirements: SWISSBID IBS Machines AG Harald Schuck Baslerstraße 15 CH 4310 Rheinfelden - Switzerland FON: ++ 41 61-831 49 52 Mobile number: ++ 41 79-515 22 77 E-mail: info @ Note also our other offers

  • 5,800 € $ 6,182 £ 5,011

    Fields G 300 Edgebander with glue pot and polishing unit + approx 1400m lipping / edge material is 1.3mm ABS Kanten200m Beech / 400m white / 400m Petrol / 300m Purple / 100m Multiplex Offered here at an edge banding machine in very good condition for sale! Private sale without invoice! Fields Edgebander G 300 / Year 2008/50 Hours Immaculate, very little used actually still as good as new! The G300 was purchased in November 2008 for € 11,802.42. Since it is a second hand machine company is sold under exclusion of any guarantee or warranty! The machine can be inspected and tested by appointment. The sale is seen as! Cash on collection or on delivery bank transfer prepayment Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE

  • 4,153 € $ 4,426 £ 3,588

    You are bidding on a used moulder the brand MARTIN, T21 type at a net price of € 3,490.00 plus. VAT. Motor 7.5 kW, 32Ah plug The motor and spindle were fitted with new bearings !!!! 4 speeds, 30 spindle, spindle rigid spindle length 200mm, tool diameter max. 260mm aluminum stop jaws, space requirements approx 3000x1500mm x 1200mm high, weighing about 1000 KG, The price is incl. VAT., EU customers with VAT identification number. receive an invoice without VAT. Location of the machine is 25488 Holm, inspection and test run after consultation under 0171-4708806. Appointment anytime possible and desirable !! Loading by forklift is no problem, transportation can be happy organizes surcharge indicating the zip. Visit my store, here you will find additional equipment or ask like to e-mail. Questions ?? 0171-4708806 Conditions: Our Terms can be found below or on our ME page

    • Fixed Price

    Ott Veneer Press

    Germany | Nieheim

    3,950 € $ 4,210 £ 3,413

    For sale here comes a Ott Furnierpresse.Plattengröße 2550 x 1300mmHeizung electrically, with Elcom GOLDELOXAL surfaces

  • 600 € $ 639 £ 518

    Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE column drill wood drill with foot pedal foot operation transport dimensions: border: 80 cm Width: 58 cm Height: 188 cm Specifications: Work table: 51 cm x 38 cm, adjustable drill: 16.5 cm adjustment work table from the floor: 113.5 cm to 67.5 cm 2 speeds: 1410 U / min and 2850 r / min The wood drill can be visited at any time by agreement, Lingen. Shipping can be organized upon request. For further questions I am happy to them. Tel. 016097925218 Email:

    • Fixed Price

    Briquette Holzbrikettpresse Spänex 50S

    Germany | Minden

    5,500 € $ 5,862 £ 4,752

    Spänex briquette S50-KPressleistung to 250kg per hour Mechanical press, piston NeuwertigPresst 50mm BrikettDosierer of Ackermann with attachment is incl. With stand and adjustable feed screw transport channel is also there as the pictures look on sale for lack of material, the press can be or against reimbursement Sent Collection 32427 MindenAuf desired, a statement by Selected. VAT Created werdenDie machine is sold on the basis of age with no guarantee as hobbyist device

    • Fixed Price

    Moulder SAC TS110

    Germany | Gehren

    3,748 € $ 3,995 £ 3,238

    If you want we respect these new machines a quote. Visit our exhibition in 98708 Gehren, Bahnhofstrasse 7 In this auction we offer a used moulder Company SAC Manufacturer: SAC Model: TS 110 Year: 1990 MNoMMotorgröße: 87.5 kW Table size: ca. 2000x900 mm spindle diameter: 30 mm 4 speeds (2900/4500/6000/10000 U / min.) extendable frame support extension Panhans adjustable fence with digital display costs: Shipments within the 357, - € including VAT (net 300, - €) Shipping costs within the EU 595, - € including VAT.... (net 500, - €) delivery times: within 3-5 days after receiving your payment available within 5-15 days after receipt within the EU, you will receive an invoice with VAT issued in your name. The bidding price includes VAT. Foreign bidders with valid VAT ID number to pay only the net amount. Also look for our other auctions in our

  • 702 € $ 748 £ 606

    Used feed HolzHer 3 reel, 8-speed delivery approx 850mm, new feed rolls !! very clean, the net price of € 590.00 + VAT. Delivery via Spedition possible costs within Germany without islands and mountain stations about 75,00 Euro + VAT. STOCK get the set with invoice and displayed Mwst.Besuchen my shop, here you will also find equipment or ask like to e-mail. Questions ?? 0171-4708806 Conditions: Our Terms can be found below or on our ME page

    • Fixed Price

    Mitre pneumatic with 2-hand operation

    Germany | Holm

    1,309 € $ 1,395 £ 1,131

    You are bidding on a used Mitre to a net price of € 1,100.00 plus. VAT. Machine Function tested. The price to be understood incl. VAT., EU customers with VAT identification number. receive an invoice without VAT. Location of the machine is 25488 Holm, inspection and test run after consultation under 0171-4708806. Appointment anytime possible and desirable !! Transport can be happy organizes surcharge indicating the zip. Visit my store, here you will find additional equipment or ask like to e-mail. Questions ?? 0171-4708806 Conditions: Our Terms can be found below or on our ME page

    • NEW!
    • Fixed Price

    Woodworking machine Blaich Kandenanleimen

    Germany | Oberasbach

    1,300 € $ 1,385 £ 1,123

    The machine is mobile-glues hardwood to 18mm --- rolls to 3mm auf.Kappt from the roll up to 3mm thick PVC --- ABS as real wood to 2mm Dicke.HPL to about 1.5 mm can'll glued. Round mills for 2mm edges PVC / ABS ---- chamfer example. for Edge banding ---- HPL. Milled flush to 18 mm solid wood. Operating instructions is possible at .Only Collection Neustad / Aisch. Accessories on pictures to sehen.Privatverkauf - no bill with Mst possible..

  • 850 € $ 906 £ 734

    Farbnebelabsaugwand dust extraction fan motor Dietz 2 Stufig 2.2 / 3.6 KW 960 / 1,400 1 / min suction diameter 350mm Pump Siemens / Dietz 1,1 KW Width 2.75 / 2.8m depth 1.26m Height without exhaust pipe 2, 08m complete sense desired to square tube base with 4 castors 150mm pick private auction without guarantee for inquiries 0171 3188 524 inspection and test run

  • 1,190 € $ 1,268 £ 1,028

    You are bidding on a used Arch routing branded Scheer / Kuper at a net price of € 1,000.00 plus. VAT. Delivery: router with carriage HM 16 1 rail 2500mm 1200mm 1 rail More images I like to send by email. The price to be understood incl. VAT., EU customers with VAT identification number. receive an invoice without VAT. Location of the machine is 25488 Holm, inspection and test run after consultation under 0171-4708806. Appointment anytime possible and desirable !! Loading by forklift is no problem, transportation can be happy organizes surcharge indicating the zip. Visit my store, here you will find additional equipment or ask like to e-mail. Questions ?? 0171-4708806 Conditions: Our Terms can be found below or on our ME page

  • 2,280 € $ 2,430 £ 1,970

    For sale is a combined PROFI jointer / planer in very rough absolute PROFI version. It is a powerful three-phase motor. The machine is fully operational, ready connected and can be tested. It is available to these to connect a suction device to a stationary extraction system. 2 knives cutterblock. It takes only one picking up the machine after inspection, testing and Fixkauf in question. Location: 70806 Kornwestheim

  • 2,900 € $ 3,091 £ 2,505

    For sale is the following items: - Glastischsäge Company Knopp - type GST-2 / RG 350 - used, optical condition under Photos - Functional Details: - built in 1996 - engine type RAS 1603 400V, 6.7 A, 2800 u / min, 50Hz - dimensions total approximately: 130cm T 120cm B 155cm H - saw height adjustable up to 105cm (lower edge saw motor) - left / right adjustable - length of the pivot arm about 110cm - saw versatile swivel - dimensions of Tiscarbeitsfläche circa: 120cm B 90cm T 86cm H - with water connections - including accessories lt Photos -. For sale to businesses, excluding any redemption or guarantee -. Prices incl. Other products available in our shop !! Discounts possible. Kontakieren us !! Buy multiple items and pay only 1x Shipping !!!! Ask us this after buying via ebay an inquiry concerning. Combined Shipping Send us your inquiries you by mail, fax or call us. All details can be found in our vendor information! By appointment you can contact us to visit locally in 33178 Borchen! W

  • 700 € $ 746 £ 604

    WORKSHOP FUND! Sells is a post mill / milling heads, which come from a carpentry / windows workshop. According to my understanding, the router can be combined for different profiles. There are spacer rings while in various strengths. Some of the heads have recognized some rust, but has not yet stark.FOTOS VIEW! Visit in advance by arrangement. PRICE PROPOSALS REQUIRED !! The heavy weight of self collecting. Cash on pickup. Private sale, no guarantee, warranty or return.

    • Fixed Price

    Combined Saw / cutter "Jaroma"

    Germany | Neumark

    1,100 € $ 1,172 £ 950

    Combined Saw / cutter "Jaroma" type: DYFD-2Baujahr: 1980380 V The machine can be happy (by appointment at 01,798,550,128) include in 08427 Fraureuth and collected at sale. Gladly can also Spedition be recommended. (No VAT deportation according to § 25 UStG (differential taxation) possible)

    • Fixed Price

    Large bandsaw rolls 70 cm

    Germany | Weimar

    800 € $ 852 £ 691

    I offer here a large and robust bandsaw to from the company Erfordia. naturally roll diameter ca 70 cm It is full Functionally !!! The engine 3 Kw All bearings and guideways are ok Please Vorkauf a visit !!! Max By let height 38 cm Ersatzblätter I also Maschiene could also send Spetion Shipped be surcharge of 350,00 Euro or to fetch it myself from. In farther just ask write. One can all talk.

  • 2,299 € $ 2,450 £ 1,986

    IN OUR OTHER AUCTIONS WE HAVE FOR YOU MORE INTERESTING OFFERS VEHICLES this call press right here OTHER ARTICLES OF SELLER For sale is here a complete, turnkey saw the brand Rüco. Inspection and functional test after consultation / device - original picture. All I answer questions like under: 01636154880 equipment has signs of wear, etc., which do not affect the functionality. Delivery throughout Germany negotiable and payable by the purchaser € 150 or pickup within 7 days. Sale without guarantee, warranty and Rückgaberecht.Irrtümer, prior sale, misprints and errors reserved!

  • 850 € $ 906 £ 734

    Crosscut saw / wood saw (shelf / drawer / level 3/17/0) Piccolo blade diameter: 400 mm cutting depth: 115 mm x cutting length: 900 mm Beautiful quiet running 380 V - 16 A Dimensions:. L / W / H 600 x 530 x 1670 mm weight: ships in container tested 220 kg function, ready to use state and More - see photo - No responsibility Subject to prior sale sale exclusively to our terms and conditions !!! Should you be interested in more / other devices, please request a quote: other related equipment and accessories can be found in our other auctions ..... The article can before purchase 57271 Hilchenbach- Müsen include (near Siegen). Prices are ex warehouse (On Bocherich 10) in Hilchenbach. We are of course help with the loading. Item must be picked up within 10 days. After that we charge for each Standtag storage costs of EUR 5.00. VAT. You will receive an invoice with VAT. For corporate customers from other European countries, we need the VAT ID no. we answer questions

    • NEW!
    • Fixed Price


    Germany | Weinstadt

    5,850 € $ 6,235 £ 5,054

    A-Z Maschinenwelt Weinbergstr.80 71384 Weinstadt Tel .: 0711 55342658 Mobile .: 0176 55454505 You are bidding on a super funktionsfaehige standing panel saw, the noble brand Striebig, which is known for their excellent quality. She is in a very good condition. Minor signs of wear are present. With this machine you have an accurate and powerful editing. You could so easily sawing wood. It is very easy to handle and operate. It is robust and very stable. Likewise, very difficult. Altogether no comparison to traditional hardware store equipment. This is a high quality industrial machine. With horizontal and vertical cut possibility. With brand new wooden slats !!! Specifications: Brand: Striebig Type: Standard 6220 A - Welded, multiple braced, construction - braked support rollers - slatted wooden Pads sectional areas of: Length- horizontally 5000 mm latitude horizontal 2100 mm higher vertical 2200 mm cutting height 80 mm Engine power 4 , 4 kW motor circuit breaker plate support 15 rolls

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