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    Mini excavators CAT 305 CR Caterpillar 2005

    Germany | Wuppertal

    19,000 € $ 20,252 £ 16,417

    Cat 305 ccrBj 20,052,800 B.Std The excavator true always in private besit, true never. In a robust construction Super condition see bilderVor purchase besischtigen are desired not nahwerhandlungenTermin 0174 33 25 418 Private sale no warranty or return

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    Genie S45 diesel-wheel Platform Telescopic lift platform lift Steiger

    Netherlands | Swifterbant

    15,000 € $ 15,989 £ 12,960

    Genie S45 Selbstfährende terrain boom lift Year 2007 Deutz diesel engine four-wheel drive working height 15.9 meters sustainability in working cage 227 KG net weight 6847 KG Above and under operation Fully functional. Ready to use Price € 15,000 Net price with Ordinary invoice If you are business and a UID number have. Is no VAT to. Transport We can organize inexpensive Europe Delivery Europe within 7 days. Freight costs on request We speak German tour possible from Monday to Saturday by appointment. For more information feel free to call or email. Location: Swifterbant ZIP: 8255RN. 210 km from Osnabrück. 250 km from Cologne. 290 km from Bremen. Stehouwer INTERNATIONAL BV De Maalstroom 19 8255 Swifterbant Netherlands Tel: 0031 628 141 924 Fax: 0031 321 322405 email:

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    Geko - Stromerzeuger

    Switzerland | Berneck

    650 € $ 692 £ 561

    Sell ​​power generator brand Geko -with 380 volts and 2x with 230 Volt, the unit is hardly run, it is a brand - equipment Np. over 2000 euros, the engine is a petrol Normal, For questions Tel, 07331/963415 From 20:00, at 09:06:16 seller added the following information: The device has 5,2 Kw

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    Lyher scaffold 3203

    Germany | Maintal

    900 € $ 959 £ 777

    Uni light mobile scaffold working height 5.30 mLayher Alu GerüstDas small Uni light mobile scaffold is a compact, lightweight mobile scaffold with 1.30 m2 of stand space (Platform of 5.30 m). The pass working height when Layher Uni Light mobile scaffold is 9.26 m. It is, like all Layher Rolling scaffolding scaffold class 3 and has a safe working load of 2 kN / m2. The scaffold floor of Layher Uni Light scaffolding has an aluminum frame and a plywood insert (BFU 100). The trapdoor ensures a safe internal access in scaffolding Uni Light. The castors are not spindled but to put, of course, you can attach the steering roller 700 at a small charge also on Layher Uni Light mobile scaffold. The chassis beams on Layher Uni Light is made of steel and has a length of 1.80 m, the remaining mobile scaffold parts are made of aluminum such. As the backrest, the diagonals or the ladder, so you purchase a lightweight aluminum frame that also TUV / GS certified. UNI EASY RIDE FRAME 3203 WORKING HEIGHT

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    • Auction: 8 days left

    Eccentric screw pump Nemo NE 80 but needed fully functional

    Germany | Wietmarschen

    2,955 € $ 3,149 £ 2,553

    Eccentric screw pump Nemo NE 80 used but fully functional capacity according to the manufacturer 80 m³ per hour, the pump has been overhauled, rewound the engine and replaced the power supply lines and switching elements. The pump is suitable for industrial, wastewater engineering, agriculture (manure) and for the construction industry. Tour after telephone consultation possible. Tel .: 0171/145 28 13

  • 690 € $ 735 £ 596

    Here we offer you a Layher scaffolding 1.80 m standing height to 4.00 m working height Additional material or other sizes on request! The packaging and accessories can be carried out in 48308 Senden NRW Explore our other auctions! Call us to learn more about the condition, collection or delivery! You can call on Sundays and public holidays also contact us. The pick-up is possible by arrangement. They all used building materials from a reliable source, because you are exactly right with us. We sell used and new goods of all kinds for the construction industry and DIY. If you do not find in our Ebay Store the desired item, they give us a call or send us an Email.Ssollten we have not in stock the item you want, we can rustle up for you at the best possible price, this certainly. You have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our mobile number: 0171 2173032 or 0175 5875908 Telephone 02597/6934839 Fax requests should be directed to: 02597 6962437 Email to Ca

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    CHP with gas drive

    Switzerland | Berneck

    15,000 € $ 15,989 £ 12,960

    Sell ​​a used cogeneration, brand One engine is a 6 cylinder engine manganese, driven by natural gas, but can be converted to biogas, the unit's condition in a good, built in the 98th There are all the documents and plans - this list of spare parts, Np about 200000.- The appliance must be watched on site, the weight approx 3500 kg There are 2 units available, any questions from 20 O'clock 07331/963415 or 0171/3003158

  • 5,029 € $ 5,360 £ 4,345

    We offer a position from 20 € / m². We have all parts in stock and option. Features: 16x spindle foot 5032x vertical frame 200 / 7056x steel hollow box plank 300 / 328x Diagonale88x guardrails 3004x double railing 708x railing posts 200/70 (L) 7x toe board 300 / 152x toeboard 74 / 152x guard 200 delivery plus transport costs available on request.. Send us your requests and let's talk about your project. Gern also mobile under 0171/4103128. Images are an example of the frame parts

  • 1,499 € $ 1,597 £ 1,295

    All offers Ebay Shop Subscribe reviews Watch item Kemper aspirator aspirator for aspirating smoke and dust-like goods and for ventilation Available in 2-3 days 14-day return policy Buy Now incl. 19% Act. VAT. And shipping costs shipping package shipping (1-2 days) shipping delivery (2-3 days) purchase In several articles you pay only 1x shipping, please contact us. Before your payment Payment You can pay by Paypal or prepayment Our Part No .: 032DIV0042 Kemper aspirator consisting of: - exhaust fan with handle and wheels for easy transport - 2x 6m hose with 1 piece funnel with magnetic Specifications: 230V / 16A, 2.000m3h , 150mm, 35kg. Warranty 6 months Our service Rental Repair Financing 17,99 Heat protection blanket to 500 ° C 1629.00 MIG MAG 200A with Kemppi EVO 200 519.00 E-HAND 160A with 160A-conditioning 89.00 JACKSON WH20 automatic helmet DIN 9- 13 address sweat shop eK Luruper main road 56 22547 Hamburg Germany Legal Imprint Terms Privacy Statement opening times Monday-Friday

  • 2,699 € $ 2,876 £ 2,332

    Width: 2.70 m Height: 1.40 m Depth: 1.20 m open to visitors in 08523 Plauen. Next shovels and spoons available. Tel.0151 / 15,355,033 The item must be paid for and collected within 14 days after buying, pickup in 08523 Plauen, after 14 days incurred storage fees of 20, - a day. For transfers please always Ebay name and item number specify! Explore our other auctions. All figures are given in good faith but with no guarantee of completeness and correctness. All information in the item description have only non-binding nature, absolute security of the nature, functionality, defects, features, dimensions, etc. can give you only a personal visit bieten.Angegebebener shipping only applies to Germany, except islands, otherwise please ask for pick up. The possibly specified brand name is legally protected and is only used here because it is part of this auction!

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    Backhoe shovel Atlas Hydraulic ejector F63

    Germany | Sulingen

    1,785 € $ 1,902 £ 1,542

    Dipper recording 27cm spoon swingarm pivot bolt 21cm wide 60mm diameter bucket width 40cm with hydraulic bucket evacuation. Shipping surcharge possible !!! Delivery can be seen in the pictures. For farther questions we are happy to help. Or visit them quite simply our eBay shop Our warehouse has 1,000,000 Another article

  • 1,110 € $ 1,183 £ 959

    50 N 260 props, galvanized Length 1,55-2,60m Manufacturer: Peri Hünnebeck, Müba mixed all supports are tested and ready for immediate use. Surcharge for 1 stock Colli, galvanized: 50, - € + VAT. Shipping volume:. 1,70 x 0,89 x 0,92m / 792 kg ** Please contact us if you have questions about products offer have Tel 07176-453300 ** An inspection / collection with us in 73577 Ruppertshofen is possible during business hours Monday-Thursday 7:30-12:00 / 12:30-16:30 and Friday 7:30 - 12:00. The shipment of the goods we take over for you. Let us then please zip code and place of delivery, so that we can provide you with a freight offer.

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    • Auction: 8 days left

    Clearance Sale Plettac / Alfix scaffolding facade scaffolding

    Germany | Salmtal

    1,700 € $ 1,812 £ 1,468

    You are bidding on the scaffold parts lt list private sale without warranty or return ......... 01721063074 ---- 12Vertikalrahmen 2.00m ---- ---- ---- 18Holzboden 2,50m. - --- 02Diagonale ---- ---- ---- ---- 18Rückengeländer 2.50m 1.00m 06Geländerpfosten --- ---- ---- ---- 12Gewindefüsse 0.60m 02Wandanker 0, 50m ---- ---- ---- ----- 02Kupplungen 01 diagonal mounting ----- subsets possible see other auctions 01,721,063,074 while stocks last

  • 1,855 € $ 1,977 £ 1,602

    You are bidding on the scaffold parts lt. List ----... 08 Aluminum vertical frame 2.00m ....... 12 wooden floor 2.50m ....... .15 guard rails 2,50m .... ..02 diagonal ..... 08 threaded feet 0,60m .... 04 railing posts 1,00m .... 02 wall anchors ..... 02 .... couplings 02 eyebolts ........ ....... private sale without warranty or return ......... ..... 01721063074 Other Auctions note ....

  • 2,280 € $ 2,430 £ 1,970

    Pipe lifting tongs of Wimag you to acquire and here the below hydraulic Rohrgreifer leading manufacturer Wimag type: RZA 600-1250 / 1 gripping width: 600 - 1250 mm Load capacity: 1500 KG Weight: 317 kg Year: 03/2005 The pipe lifting tongs is located in a very good state and is ready for immediate use. The price given here refers to the below pliers. The shipment may be effected by us on request and calculation. We have further 2 Schalengreifer, bucket, buckets, rotary actuators gripper head pieces on offer and are in stock. View worthwhile. Pipe lifting tongs of Wimag You are purchasing the below hydraulic pipe gripper from the leading manufacturer Wimag Type: RZA 600-1250 / 1 Gripping width: 600 - 1250 mm Capacity: 1500 KG Weight: 317 kg Year of construction: 03/2005 The pipe lifting tongs is located in a very good condition and is ready to use. The price given here Refers to the below pliers. The shipping will be arranged by us on request and against payment. Powered by eBay Turbo Li

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    Mini excavators JCB 8026 ZTS Lehnhoff MS 03

    Germany | Eschweiler

    27,600 € $ 29,420 £ 23,848

    JCB 80256 ZTS Year 2013 370 h, total weight 2780 kg, quick coupler Lehnhoff MS 03, 1 spoon, rubber track 80%, hammer and grapple line, intermediate and mistakes reserve! Please also note our additional attractive construction machinery and truck offers! Our prices are incl. VAT. An invoice VAT is, unless otherwise stated, are possible. Our products are sold for Pickup. Of course we can assist in the commissioning of a freight forwarding and loading. We strongly recommend a visit. This is 8:00 to 17:00 pm on working days possible. We are happy to create a transport offer. Please note that any bid at any price proposal and Buy it accompanied by a contractual commitment. Payable within 7 days without deductions. For questions we are available at any time. Conditions please refer to the imprint.

  • 1,490 € $ 1,588 £ 1,287

    Klappschaufel steer Volvo, CAT, Komatsu etc, width 185cm, height 90cm, depth 60cm, weight 590 kg, teeth present, no knife available, Low: Entrance width approx 86cm, pin center - pin center about 31.5cm, bolt diameter approx 40mm. Used Condition see pictures, with various signs of wear! Please before buying check the dimensions of your wheel loaders! Call us for any questions please 08208/9578014 or send us an email to basti@hesgmbh.comBei the machines and equipment offered by us is there are devices which originate from large landlords and are mostly underused. The advantage with this MietrÜckläufern is that it is always 1. is professional quality and 2. that always all the specific maintenance and repair work it performed wurden.Bitte note that you buy used, so already used goods, these sometimes stronger, sometimes less strong Gebrauchsspuren.Wenn enters the goods from us, a short functional test is carried out, should a device did not meet our functional test, we write the defects

    • Fixed Price

    New Holland LM1745

    Germany | Luckau

    80,920 € $ 86,256 £ 69,919

    Telescopic handlers New Holland telescopic handlers LM 1745 LIFT NEUFAHRZEUG with standard tires year: 2013 operating hours: 500h Ser. No .: NDHK37005 engine number. 001000285 Operating weight 12,300 kg max. Lifting height 16,60 m Persons basket extendable and swiveling 40 km / h lifting with max.Reichweite 450 kg capacity at maximum. Lifting height: 3.000 kg Engine CNH F4GE0484G-D Power: 88kW (118 HP) Displacement 4.5L / cylinder 4 / turbocharging cooler max. Torque at 1,400 r / min 515 Nm permanent all-wheel drive power shift transmission Fabr. DANA T1200 (Belgium) 4 forward and 3 reverse gears under load switchable thrust 92.1 kN load-sensing hydraulic Fabr. Rexroth 1 control lever for all hydraulic and electrical functions the boom max. Flow rate 115 l / min / max. Operating pressure 240 bar foreign and internally guided telescopic cylinders hydraulically actuated wet disc brakes for each wheel (16 slices) 3 steering modes: front-wheel steering, four-wheel steering, crab selectable

    • Fixed Price

    office container

    Germany | Siegen

    1,000 € $ 1,065 £ 864

    Office Trailers 2500mm wide 6000mm long. Loading is possible images are part of the offer private sales no redemption Feel free to call me at 01705247602 ask under

  • 3,999 € $ 4,262 £ 3,455

    Stay container approximately 6.05 x 2,5m x 2,8m LxWxH, used, fully galvanized, 2 entrances, gas heating and E. heating, kitchen unit, refrigerator, since it is a used container and div.Mängel may be present, is a tour recommended and by appointment under 0171-7763600. In the container, no warranty is granted .On the invoice the goods are declared with deficiencies. The Bidder agrees to placing a bid. Bid Price incl. 19% VAT. You will receive a proper invoice with VAT A delivery surcharge is applicable. The loading on the appropriate vehicle at Pickup is free.

  • 700 € $ 746 £ 604

    Hi folks, the last bidder was a FakeVerkauft is a brand new but used Betonmotorpatsche.Vorwiegend used this type of engine Patschen for withdrawing betoniertenBetonoberflächen. Saves a lot of work since the bail motorized ist.Wie on the pictures to see is the trouble is not used despite its Year neuwertig.Wurde for 10 years and was in Regal.Der Mercedes under the engine slippers. Means joint inclination adjustable. Working width 2 Meter.Wer has ever worked with a cheap mess, knows the UnterschiedNun is ausgemisstet. Reinstatement of trouble was at 1200 times Euro.Preis is VB. Offer me something. Also used ebay classifieds angeboten.Da something will billiger.Verkauft without return and warranty. Only on Pick Up

  • 800 € $ 852 £ 691

    ATTENTION hobbyist device Ecotronic without function (this also works without a power-dependent speed control), the bigger problem is the fuel runs out of the carburetor, Endress ESE 606 DSG GT Duplex, generator rated voltage of 230-400 volts, Bauj.2011, maximum power 6,6 KVA 5.3 kW, with 4-stroke Subaru EX 40 rope Start, 50 Hz, 2 x 230 V, 1 x 400 volt 16 amp, consumption 2.1L / h tank volume for 12 h, weight 94 KG, length 750 mm, width 610 mm , height 585 mm, function checked, see pictures, questions please send us an email or call us at 0171-5498550 to. Viewing and collection in 29614 Soltau Hambostel 5 möglich.angegebene shipping costs for shipping throughout Germany, other equipment can be found in the shop

  • 2,700 € $ 2,878 £ 2,332

    Generator 3 kW 60 Hz 120/240 V Diesel Engine Fermont MEP-831A Military held by the US Army NSN: specify E1227: 6115-01-285-3012 120/240 volt Normal signs Fully functional For inquiries please the internal number. Due to the size and weight can only be shipped by freight carrier, please check costs. Device is approved for use in Germany you designed will receive an invoice in your name with VAT Worldwide Shipping International Customers welcome - please quote for shipping -Zwischenverkauf reserved-

  • 22,608 € $ 24,098 £ 19,534

    For sale is a compact excavator manufacturer Kubota Model: KX101-3 Alpha 2 Financing Available Please contact us Please note: Before clicking "Buy It Now", we would ask you to contact us, because the heavy equipment in various Internet portals are offered, and it could lead to duplication. There are still more compact excavators Kubota U50-3 Alpha, KX161-3, KX121-3, KX91-3, KX61-3; KX41-3V, KX41-3S, KX41-2 available. ** Check out the other Construction in our "ebay shop" ** For technical and other details: 88 Year built: 2008 Weight: 3520kg Working hours: 2425Grabenräumlöffel NEUAutomatische Leerlaufregulierung1x red key + 2x Black Keys tear strength: 31,8kNReichweite: 540cmGrabtiefe: 330cm Schnellwechsler Lehnhoff Accelerated driving Knickmatik 3 control circuit cab with heating cabin with light exterior mirror wiper Radio to engine: D1503 Manufacturer diesel engine: Kubota cylinders: 3 KW / hP: 20.4 / 27 to blades: Grabenräumlöffel NEW + bucket Schnellwechsler Lehnhoff The excavator

  • 2,100 € $ 2,238 £ 1,814

    Bride, SKU: 07043359628-1; 9628-2; 9628-3; 9628-4 We sell a four aerial platforms from manufacturers PB Lifttechnik Model / Type PB65V parts support for hobbyists built: 2007max. Load: 260 kgArbeitsbühne 1 -> Serial number: 51065.770Arbeitsbühne 2 -> Serial number: 51065.768Betr. voltage: 24Voltzul. Operating pressure 24 (bar) Eig. Weight: 1095 kgmax. allowable manual force 300 (N) Working height: 4500 mm Visit our ebay-shop ---> If you have not found there your truck or truck, call us an.Bestimmt we can help you! Since we used technical products that act out to decommissioning functioning production, a guarantee in the legal framework is not possible for us. Therefore, we ask the supply to you products for transport damage to check and complain, later, in this regard complaints can not accept you werdenSollten be dissatisfied with us or your product, call us and we will try to find the problem a solution. A spot is possible and desired visit / inspection of the article. Arrange an app

  • 3,568 € $ 3,803 £ 3,082

    Holding tank, top condition 6m x 2.5m L x B, 1 piece Tank - You are bidding on the brown tank with white arrow. all others seeing objects do not belong with the sale, since it is a used article and div.Mängel may be present, a viewing is recommended and by appointment under 0171-7763600 possible. On the subject of any warranty will be granted .On the invoice the goods are declared with deficiencies. The Bidder agrees to placing a bid. Bid Price incl. 19% VAT. You will receive a proper invoice with VAT A delivery by crane-truck is at additional cost. The loading on the appropriate vehicle at Pickup is free.

  • 55,500 € $ 59,159 £ 47,955

    Weidemann wheel loaders Hoftruck 4080 new! TOP equipment! Wheel drive SchnellwechseleinrichtungMotorleistung86 kW (117 hp) Bereifung500 / 4520 Cab Air Conditioning Quick Change Frame Auxiliary hydraulic circuit operating weight 5840 kg Weidemann SWP hydr. Rundumkennleuchte hazard lights LED work lights 2x front & rear outlet rear attachments 7p 7p socket front outlet vo. 3p above. Multih. F1 Backup Alarm lowering valve driving speed 30 km / h Hydraulic Oil Cooler addition 4.Steuerkreis el.Prop. adjustable hydraulic connection back separately 2x comfort cab high steering substance pneumatic seat heating air conditioned radio preheating engine + Hydöl AHK toolbox Handinchung With TÜV approval, EC declaration of conformity, operating manual and maintenance booklet! >> For questions 0171/3612378, VB! >> Suitable attachments are available upon request! Viewing by appointment! Available Hoftrucks - >> Other models on request, also Wacker

  • 2,799 € $ 2,983 £ 2,418

    IN OUR OTHER AUCTIONS WE HAVE FOR YOU MORE INTERESTING OFFERS VEHICLES this call press right here OTHER ARTICLES OF SELLER price proposals I take under 01636154880 gladly, even SMS. For sale is here a complete, turnkey TEREX roller with Hyd. Additional connection for example, Hydraulic hammer or other devices. Manufacturer: TEREX Benford Model: MBR 71 HEG Weight: 500 kg Year: 2009 Hours: 638Bh inspection and functional test after consultation / device - original picture. Questions are gladly answered 0163 615 4880. Device has signs of wear, etc., which do not affect the functionality. Delivery throughout Germany negotiable and payable by the purchaser € 300 or pickup within 7 days. Purchase price incl. VAT .. Sale without guarantee, warranty and Rückgaberecht.Irrtümer, prior sale, misprints and errors reserved!

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