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With over 15 years of experience, Irish based company E-Auctions is adept at creating sales for some of the world's leading names in aviation, construction, electronics and data processing. EAuctions has a strong online presence and Managing Director Kieron Gammell is always happy to answer queries and offer assistance. Past successes include projects in the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal and Australia, and clients include DELL, Kimball Electronics, Hertz and KPMG.

E-Auctions links sellers with buyers in an international market

E-Auctions is primarily concerned with the re-sale of commercial and industrial equipment, and connects sellers with buyers quickly and effectively via a user friendly website. Several selling methods are employed such as private treaty, open sale and public auction. Sales regularly feature aviation equipment, heavy machinery and vehicles, boats, office equipment and furnishings, cars and sporting goods. Using its experience of online procedures and practises and its local knowledge and know how, E-Auctions is able to sell a wide selection of goods in an ever changing marketplace where diversity is welcomed.

Reaching buyers around the globe

Buyers have a unique opportunity to purchase from some of the world's most recognised multinational brands from E-Auctions via an easy to use platform. Registering takes less than a minute, and members enjoy several extra benefits such as regular e mail updates and reminders of forthcoming sales at EAuctions.

Here is an overview of the major auction houses and machinery traders from Ireland. 

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