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Durrants was founded in 1853, and is a well established firm of independent estate agents. Encompassing three centuries of business and industry knowledge, Durrants Auctioneers Limited is a multidisciplinary practice that brings the same level of dedication to new features like live auctions that it does to its range of traditional services.

Durrants live auctions reach an international audience

Durrants Auctioneers offer auction services that cover every sector of its business. Dedicated sale rooms in Beccles are used for the Durrants auction of Fine Art, Antiques, Silver, Jewellery, Firearms and Sporting Guns, Coins, Watches and other collectibles, while on site sales often take place at local venues. Durrants specialise in the sale of property and the company is expert in the disposal of agricultural equipment, vehicles and machinery, industrial equipment, vintage tractors and heavy plant equipment. Because all sales are now held with live internet streaming sellers benefit from a vastly increased pool of prospective buyers from all over the world.

Beneficial to both sellers and buyers

Durrants are able to organise auctions of bankrupt stock on its client's behalf, and offer on site storage facilities if necessary. Two collective machinery sales also take place every year and regular Durrants auctions via allow buyers access to a wide range of machinery and equipment. Buyers can take advantage of trade level prices, while sellers can make benefit from the company's knowledge and marketing skills to dispose of unused and surplus equipment. All sales are presented to a worldwide market via live online streaming and timed online auctions, and the entire process is safe, simple and quick for all parties. Its vast knowledge of its business and an insight into market trends allows Durrants to organise sales of a diverse range of goods such as unwanted stock, farm vehicles, toys or art.

Here is a list of the major auction houses and traders in the United Kingdom.

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