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DTZ Zadelhoff has been involved in the real estate sector for over 45 years. DTZ Group was founded in the Netherlands and has 13 branches throughout the country including Amsterdam, Breda and Utrecht as well as 43 international offices. Its online sales option allows clients to buy and sell commercial properties through live DTZ auctions with a high level of transparency.

A range of options for clients

DTZ Zadelhoff v.o.f. aims to provide a comprehensive but accessible service for clients and strives to make online sales clear and transparent. It also provides property management services, appraisal and valuation as well as investment services to clients from a wide range of commercial and business sectors. DTZ Auction has developed its online sales of commercial property, and sellers can now sell entirely through the Internet using the traditional Dutch auction system. This accessible approach has several advantages; buyers can make use of a digital data room for controlled access to legal, financial and structural data that is relevant to the property while sellers will benefit from a complete overview of the process at every stage on

Find the largest selection of industrial auctions

DTZ Zadelhoff built the platform with BVA Auctions and it has been designed specifically for sellers who want a new and modern way to reach a larger group of prospective buyers. Buyers can take advantage of fast and easy access to regular online DTZ auctions of commercial property in the Netherlands.

Here are the major Dutch auction houses and machinery traders.

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