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Cottrill and Co is a British company specialising in the sale and purchase of heavy manufacturing assets in industry auctions. The company is based in the city of Birmingham in the British Midlands, and its business is operated worldwide.

A flexible approach

Cottrill and Co Auctions regards each client as unique and can offer a variety of options, depending on the needs of the client. Auctions are mostly online via Cottrill and Co's website ( and potential bidders must first register before bidding. Cottrill and Co Auctions are time-limited. Machine tools are the company's main area of business and the company offers storage and shipping options to buyers.

Technology that aids disposal

The company's website is available in English, Italian, German and French, reflecting Cottrill and Co's international spread. In addition to the company's auction sales, Cottrill and Co Auctions also regularly negotiates outright sales of machine tools and auctions by private tender. Cases of liquidation are regularly dealt with, as are sales of redundant equipment and used metalworking machinery. Martin Cottrill is the founder of Cottrill and Co, and he brings his 30 years of experience to each new client that his company takes on.

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Cottrill and Co

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