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CNC-Auction was founded in 2009 by the two brothers Martin und Michael Stiens. The auction house is located in Oelde, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) and deals with new and used machines.

CNC-Auction - Stiens company

The company behind the auction house CNC-Auction is Stiens Werkzeugmaschinenhandelsges.mbH. The company was founded in 1988 and provides its clients with a permanent stock of 50 checked and repaired machines at its exhibition area (1.000 m²) in Oelde. The auction house also sells new machinery by the manufacturers Takamaz, Muratec, Enshu and Nissin Machine. It focuses on the diverse assortment of metal cutting technology, especially CNC-technology, and provides the sale of machinery as well as financial services to allow for easy investments. The company buys used machinery. With its particular focus and years of expertise, Stiens Werkzeugmaschinen can claim thousands of national and international clients to be part of their system. Many of its most important clients are banks, leasing companies, liquidators and free enterprises. Since 1997, the auction house also represents the Japanese high-precision engineer Mori Seiki in Europe. Stiens CNC is a member of the trade association for German Wholesale Dealers in Machinery and Tools (FDM). Because of that membership and the rules and regulations that come with it, clients can trust in the quality of service provided by this auction house.

Perfect Timing for the Online Appearance

CNC-Auction joined the business of online auctions during the financial crisis in 2009. Once the used machinery sector felt the impact of the crisis, Stiens decided to counteract the effects of the crisis by selling surplus machinery and assets online. Online auctions give access to a lot more inexpensive machinery than what stores provide. The online auction platform remains true to the focus of the company - machinery for the metal cutting industry – and chose a URL to indicate the emphasis on CNC – technology. Joining the online auctions at that particular moment allowed CNC Auction to serve a struggling sector with affordable high-quality machinery. At the same time, Stiens Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH also crowned its own distribution channels, and online auctions allow the realization from off-locations, so that machinery does not need to be stored temporarily somewhere else anymore and does not generate additional storage costs. It is a great addition to the in-house portfolio of machinery tools from Germany, Switzerland or Japan. Means for purchase on the website are: direct buy, live auctions and quick purchase. Quick purchases allow a bidder to make three price offers. Only if one of the three offers matches the seller's price does the buyer win the bid.

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