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CJM Asset Management Auctions

CJM Asset Management is a well established firm of auctioneers and asset management specialists that can be traced back to 1889 when Charles Dickinson began his career as a valuer and trader of livestock in Lincolnshire. The company prospered as Dickinson Davy & Markham and expanded to cover industrial auctions when Charles Moses joined the firm in 1974. After joining the firm in 1998, Paul Cooper and Charles Moses formed CJM Asset Management in 2000 following a successful buyout. Over the past decade the company has flourished and now has interests in over 23 countries. CJM organises auctions and sales of all types of goods, and the company's clients include many household names such as Toyota, Siemens, Proctor & Gamble, Dyson and Tata.

A New Approach To Sales For The 21st Century

CJM Auctions offers clients a wide range of appraisal, valuation and disposal services, and is local, national and international market knowledge enables the company to find solutions for clients from a diverse range of sectors. The company still maintains headquarters in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire and has developed its international business with projects in countries all over the world from Malaysia to Armenia and Ukraine. As well as traditional auctions and sales, CJM has made use of the internet to bring online auctions to a wider global audience, thus increasing exposure of its client's assets. CJM online sales are convenient and transparent, and enable buyers to source an extensive selection of goods that includes everything from plant and machinery to antiques and collectibles.

A Wide Range of Services for Sellers And Buyers

From CJM Auction centre in Scunthorpe, it can organize every step of the auction process and can provide secure storage when required. Two auction halls and a dedicated professional team lead by Managing Director, Charles Moses assures client's of an efficient and effective process. Buyers from around the world can access auctions and online sales via and full details are given on the company's web page. The CJM Auctions website also has information on current and future sales, and users can sign up for a regular newsletter if they wish. CJM continues to expand its operations, and a strong online presence has increased its international profile substantially. Regular monthly auctions are conducted from CJM Auctions Scunthorpe centre, and the company has a global database of over 10,000 subscribers. Buyers can expect to find a diverse selection of goods in online auctions, and recent industrial sales have included printing and packaging equipment, woodworking machinery, a laminating line and rolling mills.

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