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Centurion Service Group is the largest auction house specialising in medical equipment in the world. Its headquarters are in Melrose Park, a suburb of Chicago in the US state of Illinois. Centurion Auction sells some 6,000 pieces of medical equipment each month.

A world leader

Centurion Service Group has warehouses strategically situated throughout the United States. There are warehouses in its home state, Illinois, as well as in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada. Centurion Service sells on behalf of, among others, hospitals, equipment manufacturers and radiology centres. For these clients, there is a detailed appraisal process and a commitment to extract maximum profits.

Using technology to the full

Erik Tivin is Chief Executive Officer of Centurion Service Group. He has driven the company's use of online auctions to complement its frequent live Centurion auctions. This allows clients to bid at any time on high value installed items, such as radiology equipment, through CenturionService's website. Centurion Auction is now listed among the fastest growing privately-owned companies in the United States. The Centurion Medical Foundation assists medical charities to buy equipment they might not otherwise be able to afford.

Here is an overview of the leading auction houses and traders in the United States.

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