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About bis Auktion

Swen Ingwersen and Kurt Schmöe, two publicly appointed and sworn appraisers and auctioneers, run the German auction house b.i.s Auktion GmbH in Hamburg. As a successful industrial liquidator, the company acts on behalf of bankruptcy trustees, banks and leasing companies, corporations and private persons for more than twenty years already.

Professionalism and Versatility of b.i.s Auktion 

With live and online auctions, sales of industrial machines and plants, vehicles as well as various office and business equipment the b.i.s Auktion has been able to establish a name for itself even beyond the German borders. The company also deals with professional liquidations, the development as well as the marketing of properties that can be sold or auctioned off due to insolvencies. bis Auktion therefore offers its clients a wide range of services. The sworn valuers Swen Ingwersen und Kurt Schmöe create valuations in conformity with the market that build the reliable foundation of the company. All third party rights from financing, leasing or tenancy agreements, chattel mortgages or third party properties are considered within the framework of certified valuations according to ISO 9001:2008. With profound suggestions regarding any further approach, all clients receive a strong professional foundation for their next steps. The liquidation takes then place within a framework of auctions that has shown to bring about great clearance results due to adequate valuations. In order to achieve the best possible result for their clients, b.i.s Auktion utilizes a variety of marketing channels when selling plants, machines, vehicles and properties. Targeted marketing of the various transactions is only possible because the company prepares expert documents that present all necessary information in a clear and yet profound way. The auction house can also refer to an international network in order to secure maximum returns.

Extensive services secure the success of liquidations

Beyond appraisal reports and liquidations, bis Auktion GmbH can also organize the seizure of machines, plants and other goods from capital assets. Since the company has an international network, these services are not confined to Germany but extend to all of Europe and can be provided on short notice. Seizing heavy machinery and plants is a major logistic and organizational challenge that the auction house manages to handle to the fullest satisfaction of its numerous clients. With a warehouse storage capacity of approximately 12.000 m² b.i.s Auktion offers yet another great service to guarantee that all seized assets will be safely stored. The secure and temperature-insensitive hall offers sufficient space even for very big equipment or large stocks. This way, the auction house can guarantee an all-round service that even includes the handover of all cleaned facilities. Auctions include machines and plants from a variety of different industries as well as different vehicles and forklift trucks. A focal point, however, are the locomotives that the b.i.s Auktion manages to realize with a lot of know-how.

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