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Barliant Auctions is an American specialist in liquidation auctions. Barliant Auctions is based in the city of Sandwich in the state of Illinois. The company says that it is an asset recovery specialist. The parent company, Barliant & Co, has been in business since 1937. The company's president is Scot S. Swanson.

A proven way of working

Barliant Auction works with bankers, lawyers, trustees and companies which rapidly need cash. The key to its business is its long-established appraisal service, which is offered both to healthy companies in need of cash, and in cases of liquidation or bankruptcy. Its experts have experience of working in a wide variety of industries, such as woodworking, food, metalworking and contracting. Barliant will draw up a detailed valuation through making an inventory of assets for each individual client.

Auctions throughout North America

Barliant Auctions has conducted hundreds of auctions at business locations all over the United States. Many of the auctions are in the food sector, and packing companies are another speciality. Some auctions have been held in Canada and Mexico. Online bidding is generally available through proxy sites, and online bidders must register in advance.

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