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Autorola is the largest vehicle remarketing company in Europe, with a presence in 17 European countries. It also has offices in the United States and Australia and and employs a total of 300 people. More than 230,000 vehicles are offered for sale each year in Autorola auctions.

Trusted by motor dealers

Autorola Auction was founded in Denmark with the aim of being a transparent way for the motor trade to buy and sell excess and used vehicles. The company has always been owned by the same family. Peter Grøftehauge, one of the founders, is the managing director. Autorola sells vehicles on behalf of major manufacturers such as Porsche, Bentley and Hyundai. Only registered dealers can bid in the online-only Autorola car auction. There are no private buyers and sellers.

A reputation gained through service

In addition to selling vehicles for manufacturers, Autorola also sells cars on behalf of large fleets, giving the opportunity for easy disposal with its many thousands of registered dealers as potential purchasers. The company offers telephone support, and vehicle delivery can be arranged for a fee. It holds funds in its accounts until vehicles have been received. The Danish company promises that it will strive to offer "world class best practice".

Here is an overview of the major auction houses and machinery traders from Scandinavia.

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