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Auksjonen is a Norwegian auctioneer of industrial surplus materials, with its headquarters in Tønsberg in the south of the country. The focus of the business is on heavy machinery and motor vehicles of all types.

Website allows for global sales

Founded in 1987, AS now employs 16 people and the company has two other locations. In addition to its headquarters, there are offices at Kristiansand and in Trondheim. The chief executive officer is Kai Møller. Auksjonen made its reputation with traditional live auctions. In 2010, the company established a website on to allow for online bidding. Pre-registration is required and online bidding is for time-limited auctions on a wide variety of lots.

Strong growth and personal service

Auksjonen prides itself on personal service and on its knowledge of the items they sell. The company concentrates on cars, construction equipment and heavy vehicles, many sold on behalf of finance companies and banks. According to more than 35,000 people have registered on its website and 100,000 bids have been received on 6,000 items, since the launch of the web page. Secure payment for online bids is through the company's settlement department.

Here is an overview of the best auctioneers and traders in Scandinavia.

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