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Founded in February 2009 and located in Mont-Saint-Guibert, Walloon Brabant (Belgium) Auctelia SA is focused on online auctions of professional and industrial equipment. The industrial equipment broker and online auction house also provides direct sales of wheel loaders, crane installations and various commercial vehicles.

Competent Service for National and International Clients

The service of Auctelia includes auction sales, private treaty sales, assessment and buyer representation. It is a professional and diverse internet market place for used machinery, business equipment and inventory. Auctelia prides itself with not being a mere seller of used products but with providing exchange between experts and offering turn-key solutions. Essentially it means that Auctelia manages all stages of the sales process, as well as a large-scale attendance at the auctions by turning to a broad range of potential buyers. The Auctelia Buyer base has doubled again for the second consecutive year, are located in more than 30 countries. Consultation of these clients and direct support of their needs is of high priority to the auctioneer. Clients are liquidators, banks and private enterprises that want to discontinue expendable machinery and plants or that want to liquidate the business. Auctelia is open to all industries and sectors and provides a transparent sales process, secure payment as well as comprehensive support via phone or email.

Auctions and Direct Sales

The auction house has processed 3x of volume in transactions in 2014 (compared to 2013). Management of on-site viewing and pickup day is also included in the services of Auctelia. The items sold on its platform range from machinery and equipment for the agriculture and forestry industry to metal-, wood-, plastic - and construction machinery. For arrangement of transport, Auctelia works closely together with a series of partners. The reserve price in auctions is defined by the sellers themselves after consultation with the staff at Auctelia.

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