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AstExpO was founded by Cynthia and Paul Ciniltani Francoli in the commune of Melzo, Milan, Italy in 2011 and the company deals with the management and auction of movable assets and property. The company has expanded its operation from its base in Italy over the past few years and now maintains international representatives in several countries. Its knowledge of trade on a local, national and global level allows the company to offer solutions to sellers from a wide range of sectors, and allows buyers from all over the world to access a massive range of goods. A large percentage of the goods auctioned by Astexpo comes from private, insolvency, judicial or bankruptcy sales, and its clients include financial institutions, banks, commercial and manufacturing companies and individuals.

AstExpO: Choose from a range of categories

Live and online auctions allow buyers to participate from any location, and it is free to register to bid with AstExpO. Registration allows buyers access to a vast range of assets, and some of the most popular categories include lifting equipment, film and photographic equipment, plant and machinery, office furniture and equipment, household goods and clothing. Those who sign up as a member can receive regular updates and news of new auctions, and participate in live online events in real time. The online sales guide gives detailed descriptions of each lot, usually with a photograph attached. Interested parties can track specific lots and there is no charge to register or bid but 10% commission is added on successful bids.

A simple and transparent sales process

Sales are organised via the company's own online portal and attract a high level of interest from European and international buyers. The AstExpO website is available in several languages including English, and each is independent allowing users to browse accurate and comprehensive information. Whether hoping to find tools and machinery, cameras or household appliances to unusual lots like drones or luxury yachts, buyers are able to bid from anywhere in the world, and bidders from Eastern Europe and the Balkans to as far afield as the US or China regularly take part. Astexpo continues to expand and currently organises judicial sales for courts in Milan, Pescara, Varese and Lecco with more cities expected to be added. Its database of over 4.5 million assures sellers of an effective way to realise capital from insolvency or bankruptcy goods or from individual lots. Most auctions are open to the public, although the company also deals with private sales at the request of clients.

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