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Asset Sales Inc. is an American auctioneer of used industrial machinery. The company has its headquarters in the town of Indian Trail in the US state of North Carolina. There are offices in Halifax in England and Nova Scotia, Canada.

On-site auctions a specialty

Asset Sales has made a speciality of on-site sales of machinery and plant, in cases of liquidation and bankruptcy as well as voluntary auctions. The vast bulk of Asset Sales auctions are in the United States, while a small number are in Canada. Gerald D. Mannion is the president of Asset Sales Inc., having founded Asset Sales Auction more than 40 years ago. He has been involved in auctioning off the assets of some 800 companies. There are ten full-time employees at its headquarters, including specialist auctioneers and on-site valuers.

Real expertise in its field

Asset Sales Auctioneers have wide experience of working with many different types of machinery from the construction, forestry, medical, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries among others. Woodworking machinery is another specialist area of Asset Sales. In addition to its on-site auctions, proxy bids and telephone bidding are both available to those clients who are unable to be present at the Asset Sales auctions themselves.

Here is an overview of the best action houses and traders from the US.

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