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Thainstone Specialist Auctions is part of the ANM Group Ltd and has its headquarters in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire in the north east of Scotland. Thainstone is concerned with the sale by auction of a wide range of plant and machinery, vehicles, construction and industrial machinery and specialist items like antiques, whisky and collectibles. ANM Group is one of the UK's largest farmer owned agri-businesses, and alongside its primary livestock marketing and processing concerns the group has interests in industry and finance.

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Thainstone Specialist Auction organises non-agricultural auctions at its Thainstone Centre headquarters in Inverurie. As well as two weekly auctions of vehicles, ANM Group Limited arranges large auctions of agricultural machinery, construction equipment and commercial vehicles approximately eight times per year. It also holds large and small disposal and liquidation sales regularly in Scotland and north east England. Sellers are able to benefit from the firm's local and national knowledge and Thainstone offer a comprehensive appraisal and valuation service. Clients include accountants, lawyers, finance companies, major businesses and corporations, banks and private individuals.

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Sellers are able to find boats, trucks, cars, milling machines, agricultural equipment or collectibles, antiques, whisky, model cars and other unique items for sale on ANM Group web page, where all auctions are listed well in advance. Live and online ANM auctions in conjunction with allow buyers to participate from other locations, while sellers have access to a higher number of potential bidders.

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