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Activos Concursales is an online auction platform offering a vast range of goods that are the result of bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings. The platform enables companies to dispose of goods easily once a bankruptcy order has been made, and additional costs are not incurred by the seller. Fees for administration are charged to buyers, enabling sellers to achieve the best possible outcome from online auctions and sales. Activos Concursales SL provides a full assessment and valuation service for companies and individuals, and bankruptcy administrators can be requested on its website.

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Anyone can bid for goods on the Activos Concursales platform, although a Spanish mobile phone number is required in order to receive texts. A wide selection of lots can be seen at any time. Listings include a location, description and photograph for each lot, and start and end times for sales. Sellers benefit from having their goods seen by a wider audience thanks to the internationally available portal, and can expect higher profits than might be realised in traditional bankruptcy or liquidation sales. Categories include cars, machinery, housing, furnishings and land, and specific lots might be anything from car park spaces to luxury yachts. Buyers simply make an offer in order to bid for items, and each listing clearly shows the amount of time remaining. Text and e mail alerts show if bids have been bettered, and allow bidders to increase their offers.

If goods fail to sell by direct bid, they can then be sold in online public auctions that take place at Madrid time. Successful bidders are responsible for collection and transportation of goods in the case of movable assets. Some of the recent lots which have been successfully sold on the Activos Concursales platform include city apartments, rural properties, industrial machinery such as welding equipment, hand and power tools, forklifts and cars.

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