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Aaron Equipment Company has over seventy five years' experience in the selling, packaging and transport of process equipment. The company specialises in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, plastic and other industry equipment, and Aaron auctions are the largest inventory selection available for online auction in the industry. This has resulted in Aaron Equipment becoming a world leader in the selling, packaging and transport of equipment, both locally and internationally.

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Aaron Equipment Auctions' professional team consists of over fifty employees that offer bidding and sales services, as well as help and advice on purchasing industry equipment. All the equipment available for online Aaron auction can be viewed in carefully categorised selections on the company's website which is updated daily, and the real-time bidding gives immediate information on both product pricing and feedback on the current highest bid.

Professional auction services

Aaron Equipment Company Inc provides high quality new and used industrial equipment for auction that that can easily be located on their website through a category search. They both purchase equipment and provide online auction services for other businesses and clients. Aaron Equipment Auction specialises in providing professional equipment auctions, asset management and liquidation, providing all the services required for product sale, purchase and transport.

Here is an overview of the major US auction houses and traders.

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