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Used Schaublin 102 for sale

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Category: Lathes
Model: 102
Condition: Used

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The SCHAUBLIN 102 Lathe

SCHAUBLIN corporateSchaublin is mostly known for its  good quality  turning machines 70 and 102, of which more than 100,000 units have been sold worldwide. There are many add-on parts for the SCHAUBLIN VM 102 available. With them, the lathe can easily be expanded and be flexibly adapted to the respective work. This gives each item the highest quality standards equivalent and can be easily mounted to a 102nd

schaublin 102 mass
The compact dimensions of the basic version of the SCHAUBLIN 102


Three specific models that could be created by combining the individual components of the 102, were the so-called."Toolmakers", "Second operation" and "Turret". Assemble each model turns out to be surprisingly easy out. Also one of the quality standards of the Swiss company, since it was put on flexibility of the machines has always been a lot of value.

schaublin 102 lathe
The basic version of the  102
SCHAUBLIN 102 lathe
Another variant of the SCHAUBLIN 102 lathe


To detailed information on the characteristics and technical specifications of the SCHAUBLIN 102 to get you to download the guide here.

SCHAUBLIN 102 Datasheet

Buy a used SCHAUBLIN 102

The SCHAUBLIN 102 continues to be popular among collectors and  among factories and workshops. A used 102 can be purchased on online auction for a low price. The price may vary depending on the year and condition of the machine. Also any necessary spare parts can be found still making possible wear parts of used lathe can be replaced.


Product description for Schaublin 102

SCHAUBLIN 102 features The SCHAUBLIN 102 is a mid twentieth century lathe that has been manufactured for an excess of 80 years, with the first models being produced in the 1930's. This particular classic SCHAUBLIN 102 for sale is a multi purpose lathe that can be used for milling, grinding and indexing among other functions. The lathe is equipped with a 3 jaw chuck, a tail stock drill chuck and an 8" face plate. Specifications The machine weighs 370 kg approximately. It is 1300 mm in length, 600 mm in width and 1300 mm in height. The spindle motor operates at an output of 1.5 KW. The spindle can attain speeds of 55 to 3000 RPM. Its centre height is 102 mm, with 375 mm of a distance between centres.