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  • Plasma and oxyfuel cutting gantry MicroStep
    • Fixed Price

    MICROSTEP HS 12001.25PG | 2008

    Spain | Balaguer

    85,000 € $ 90,334 £ 75,041

    Plasma and oxyfuel used Portico | Brand: MICRO STEP | Model: HS 12001.25PG | Year: 2008 | Gantry cutting head with a plasma and one for flame cutting, with cutting capacity 2.500x12.000mm equipped with suction filter 8000m3 / h generator plasma cutting Hypertherm HPR 260 consoles automatic gas |. The Contsa gantry | CNC MicroStep with touch screen 17 '' | 1 head oxyfuel | 1 head plasma height control system and anti-collision | table suction 2500x12000mm | Hypertherm HPR plasma generator 260 (cutting capacity HD to 38mm) with automatic gas console 2008.Filtro year KEMPER suction of 8,000m3 / h | Control handling machine in both .. side of the machine | machine located in Zuera (Zaragoza) | narrow view contact: | Manuel 609 76 29 57 | 28 77 93 659 Alex

  • Plasma cutter SATRONIK D 5000
    • Fixed Price

    SATRONIK D 5000 | 2010

    Working length: 11000 mm working width: 3000 mm plate thickness: 45 mm Voltage: (V) 3 x 400 50 Hz mains fuse, traege: (A) 63 Power consumption (60% ED / 100%) (kVA) 38/30 Protection / Insulation class : IP 22 / F open circuit voltage (V): 370 cutting current at 60% DC (A) 130 100% ED (A) 85 cutting thickness: - quality cut (mm) 35 (Materialabhaengig) - cut (mm) 45 (Materialabhaengig)

  • 1 plasma cutting machine MICROSTEP HiFocus 160i Machine
    4,500 € $ 4,782 £ 3,972

    1 plasma cutting machine MICROSTEP HiFocus 160i Machine type: combi aquacut/plasma Usage: cutting of plastics and metals with waterjet - cutting of metal with plasma Machine nr: 0324 / 04 Year: 2004 cont.: • MICROSTEP basis machine MS324/02/2 • Plasma source KJELLBERG Hifocus 160i with autom. gasconsole • KMT Abraline ABL 0407271-4.0 • KMT Feedline FL 03121223.0 • Water softener BERKEFELD ZA-25 - 500637 • Oil cooler BLK A241222 • Waterjet pump KMT SL V-30HP Reach of waterjet: 3000 x 1500mm Reach of plasma: 3000 x 1500mm Dim.: 6000 x 1500mm

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  • 1 - Ficep Tipo A31 Combination CNC Drill & CNC Plasma Cutting System
    • Fixed Price

    Ficep Tipo A31 | 2009

    United States

    Maximum Stock Length: 236", Minimum Stock Length: 98.5", Maximum Stock Width: 122", Minimum Stock Width: 15.75", Max Drilling Diameter: 1-9/16", Max Thickness Drilled: 5", Drilling Spindles: 1, Spindle Motor: 25 HP, Drill Spindle Speeds: 180 - 3000 RPM, Auto Tool Change Positions: 6, Maximum Positioning Weight: 16,500 Lbs, Max Linear Weight for Stock Plate: 500Lbs /Ft, Max Material Positioning Speed: 98 FPM, Drill Head Positioning Speed: 98 FPM, Passline Height: 33-1/2", Equipped with Ficep Minosse CNC Control System, Drill Head with (6) Station Tool Changer, Tool Holders, Hypertherm HPR400 Hy-Performance Plasma System, Oxy Fuel Cutting Head, Chip Brush for Drill Head, Hard Stamp Marking Disc, 20' In-Feed Carriage with Idler Rollers to Transfer Material, (5) Lift and Carry Transfers for Loading Material, Out-Feed Conveyor with (5) Lift and Carry Transfers, Unloading Table for Processed Parts, All Manuals and Drawings (Can be Inspected at Philadelphia, PA Warehouse)

  • 1 - Koike Aronson PM2012DSD 80" x 144" CNC Plasma Cutting System
    • NEW!
    • Fixed Price

    Koike Aronson PM2012DSD | 1998

    United States | South Abington

    with Single Down Draft Table, Dual Side Bridge Drives, Hypertherm HD3070 100-Amp High-Definition Plasma Source, Hypertherm Edge Pro Control, Precision Master 2012 by Advance Cutting Systems, Dust Hog 6-Cartridge Dust Collector with Cyclone, MTC ProNest 2010 Software USB Drive, Manuals


    Effective Cutting Width: Effective Cutting Width: 6' 1828.80mm Effective Cutting Length: Effective Cutting Length: 32' 9753.60mm Maximum Material Thickness: Maximum Material Thickness: 1/2" 12.70mm (4) Tables Size: (4) Tables Size: 80" W x 96" L 2032.00mm W x 2438.40mm L Cutting Speed: Cutting Speed: 1000 IPM (Max.) 423.33 mm/sec (Max.) Positioning & Contouring Speed: Positioning & Contouring Speed: 1000 IPM (max.) 423.33 mm/sec (max.) Torch Station Vertical Travel: Torch Station Vertical Travel: 12" 304.80mm

    • Fixed Price


    Cutting Area: Cutting Area: 6' x 12' 1828.80mmx3657.60mm X-Axis Travel: X-Axis Travel: 160.8" 4084.32mm Y-Axis Travel: Y-Axis Travel: 75" 1905.00mm Z-Axis Travel: Z-Axis Travel: 6.7" 170.18mm Mild Steel Cutting Capacity: Mild Steel Cutting Capacity: 1" 25.40mm Quicksilver (Stainless Steel & Aluminum): Quicksilver (Stainless Steel & Aluminum): 0.625" 15.88mm Cutting Current: Cutting Current: 150 Amps 150 Amps X-Axis Traverse: X-Axis Traverse: 1772 IPM 45.01 m/min Y-Axis Traverse: Y-Axis Traverse: 1778 IPM 45.16 m/min Z-Axis Traverse: Z-Axis Traverse: 1181 IPM 499.96 mm/sec Minimum Kerf Width: Minimum Kerf Width: 0.047" 1.19mm Positioning Accuracy: Positioning Accuracy: +/- 0.004" +/- 0.10mm Positioning Repeatability: Positioning Repeatability: +/- .002" +/- 0.05mm Plasma Power Requirements: Plasma Power Requirements: 200 / 220V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz - 38KVA 200 / 220V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz - 38KVA Machine CNC Requirements: Machine CNC Requirements: 220V, 3 phase, 50/60Hz - 8KVA 220V, 3 phase,

    • Fixed Price

    KOIKE IK-1200J

    Koike Aronson IK-1200J, 48"x48" cap, (1) oxy torch, (1) plasma torch, 6' x 10' table Koike Aronson IK-1200J, 48"x48" cap, (1) oxy torch, (1) plasma torch, 6' x 10' table . . Specifications will be available shortly. Specifications will be available shortly. . .

  • CNC Plasma CutterSAF HP 120 nertajet
    • Fixed Price

    SAF HP 120 nertajet | 1996

    Germany | Leipzig

    Plasma Cutting Plant possible welding processes: Plasma Cutting, Plasma Gouging, WIG(TIG) on all metals and alloys, MIG on light metals and alloys and heavy metals, Arc-Welding power source: Nertajet HP 120 (220V,24V,380V,415V,440V,500V) multiple frequencies 50/60Hz plasma torch: CPM 250 (flat electrode), Cutting method under water, plasma cutting, cutting speed approx. 8m /min, marking via drill(driven by air pressure) equipment: rail guides, cabinet, cutting portal, burning supports, 1x torch machine measurements: cutting device: L:4,40xW:2,30xH:1,80m cutting table: L:8,44xW:3,31xH:0,85m Plasma Generator: L:0,83xW:0,65xH:1,33m / 2 pcs available Track 1: L:10,650xW:0,25xH:0,92m left side Track 2: L:10,650xW:0,25xH:0,57m right side Workpiece supports:L:3,120xW:1,36xH:0,14m 5 pcs. f. cutting table Water tank: D=1100mm H=2000mm / 1 pc. storage tank: 1,20mx1,03x1,6m number of burner: 1 pc cutting process under water plasma cutting cutting speed approx. 8m/min. plant has been professionall

  • CNC Plasma CutterSAF MATIC Productome 6
    • Fixed Price

    SAF Productome 6 | 1994

    Germany | Leipzig

    Plasma cutting device possible welding procedures: -Plasma cutting with standard gases -Plasma cutting with Oxygen(fine cutting technick) -oxy fuel cutting plasma current source 1. Nertajet 320-640 (2xparallel connected ) isolation class H; safty class IP 23 rotary current 50Hz 2. Nertajet 120H-stand-alone cutting speed : je sheet thickness up to 8m/min cutting length (x-axis ):4300mm cutting width(y-axis):2100mm cutting thickness during plasma cutting with stainless steel max.130mm. with Normal steel =max.40mm; with light material /alloys=max.150mm burner adjusting way : 250mm track way sizes: 6400x400x550mm cutting table size:: 4500x2600x670mm Equippment: Fume suction through suction table cooling from Etscheid IK-V 18 plasma cutting torch autogenous cutting torch trackway (guide rail) length 6400mm cutting table length 4500mm Room necessary for overall device L:10mxW:6,5mxH:2,2m video film available plant has been professionally dismantled after that has been stored and is now ready

  • Plasma cutter Merkle ME 40-81 PC

    ************************************************** ***************************** !!! NEW FOR YOU AS A SERVICE !!! Machinery leasing up to 60 months with no down payment, no residual value, personal counseling and individual leasing rate calculation on request. ************************************************** *****************************

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