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​Panel Saw/angular Systems in Industrial Auctions

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  • SCHELLING ASH + S&S Panel Saw & Angular Plant
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    Schelling ASH

    Italy | Fontanelle

    SCHELLING ASH + S&S Panel Saw & Angular Plant Machine, consisting of: Panel package transfer from storage to saw by 2 heavy duty roller conveyors, one of them as well for forklift loading, width of rolls approx. 2200 mm frame for protection boards heavy duty lift table 5600 x 2200 mm, stroke 1100 mm, lifting speed 2,5 m/min angular transfer for packages vacuum feeding unit with protective board detection alignment table automatic package adjuster length/cross turntable 5800 x 2200 mm, with MCS-A control infeed for longitidunal saw with touch-free measuring system and automatic cleaning of guidances longitidunal saw with hard-chromed machine table, saw blade detection and strip-gripper transfer carriage and angular transfer to crosscut saw strip-aligner for cross saw, motor driven sleigh with pneumatic cylinder, alignment range 2200 mm crosscut saw with infeed guidance with touch-free measuring system, 11 clamps, motor power main saw 63 kW. shredder unit with shredder, manufacturer BRUK

  • AS 580/230 SCHELLING

    NUMERIC CONTROLLED ANGULAR BEAM PANEL SAW WITH AUTOMATIC LOADING GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ► Industrial machine with heavy-duty structure ► Useful working cutting width 5600 mm ► Useful working cutting length 2200 mm ► Useful working cutting height 210 mm ► Max. main blade projection 235 mm ► Double automatic lateral aligner with pneumatic cylinders. The aligning cylinders are one before and one after the cutting line FEEDING AND STACKING OF THE PANELS ► Automatic system to stack panels - Frame with grippers for the handling of the working panels that are lifted and put down through a vacuum system for the workpieces locking ► Panels loading: automatic, with rear lifting table - table dimensions 5600 x 2200 mm ► Panels feeding: automatic, with suction cup rear system that is integrated in the machine structure. The suction device takes the single panel and puts it down in hidden time in the alignment station inside the machine ► Loading device for thin panels ► Device to rotate the panel