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Market Overview:

Used Okuma LB15 for sale

General Specs

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Category: CNC Lathe
Model: LB15
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Okuma
Model: LB15
Condition: Used
Swing 15.75\"
Subcategory 2-Axis
X-axis 7.89\"
Horsepower 15 HP
Shaft length 19\"
Spindle bore 2.2\"
Turret positions 12
Spindle nose A2-6
Spindle speed 4000 RPM

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The OKUMA LB15 is a precision lathe produced by the OKUMA company. The OKUMA LB15 is part of the broad ranging lathe product line produced by the corporation. The company is an international leader in machine tools, and the OKUMA LB15 is a robust, precise and highly reliable machine. The OKUMA lb 15 can only be bought second hand.

The OKUMA LB15 Specs and Features

The OKUMA lb 15 has a 15hp/30 hp continuous peak motor with a live tool motor of 4.9 hp. The OKUMA lb 15 comes equipped with OSP5020L CNC Control, a tailstock and an inner graphic function (IGF). The spindle drive motor of the OKUMA LB15 for sale is 29 hp.

The OKUMA LB15 specs give the weight as approximately 10,000 pounds. The height of the OKUMA LB15 is 80 inches. The OKUMA LB15 for sale is 137 inches long and 76 inches wide. The live tool speeds are 45 - 4500 RPM. The machine has one turret. The maximum swing over the saddle of the LB15 OKUMA is 13.38 inches, and the maximum turning diameter is 13.36 inches. The maximum work length of the LB15 OKUMA is 39.37 inches. The distance between centres on the LB15 OKUMA is 40.15 inches, and the cutting feed is 001-39 IPR. The spindle bore is 3.15 inches.