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Used Martin T71 for sale

General Specs

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Category: Sliding Table Saw
Model: T71
Condition: Used

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Martin
Model: T71
Condition: Used
weight approx. 1300 kg
setting measure approx (l x w x h) 3450 x 3350 x 1350 mm
swival range +/- 1-45.5 °
cutting width 2050 mm
scoring saw 0.75 kW
cutting length 2200 mm
main motor 5.5 kW

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Product description for Martin T71

The MARTIN t71 is a sliding table saw that is made to a high specification for perfect and accurate cutting. The MARTIN company from Germany first started manufacturing cutting equipment in 1922 and has an international reputation for producing precision machinery. Product description of the MARTIN t71 The MARTIN t71 has a ten-inch cutting cap with a hydraulically operated tilt mechanism that is foot pedal controlled and has a digital display. The main motor is rated with a capacity of 7.5 HP and the scoring motor has a rating of one HP. There is foot pedal control of the saw blade height adjustment. The MARTIN t 71 dimensions The MARTIN t 71 weighs 2970 pounds. The MARTIN t 71 is 139 inches long and 60 inches wide. The height of the machine is 36 inches. The sliding table length of the machine is 2850 millimetres and the cutting width (rip fence) is 1050millimetres(right). The length stop is extendable to 3340 millimetres and the saw blade diameter is 450 millimetres(max). The maximum cutting height is 145 millimetres. The hydraulic adjustable blade height and angle is between 0-45 degrees. The suction support is 80 plus 120 millimetres.