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The German company WEINMANN manufactures a wide range of advanced carpentry machinery that is used by timber house manufactures, mainly in prefabricated constructions. It is part of the Homag group of firms but retains its family-run identity.

Experts in supplying timber house builders since 1985

WEINMANN GmbH is a German firm which specializes in manufacturing equipment that is used by timber house builders and other carpentry enterprises. It is a relatively young company, having been founded in 1985, but has experienced rapid growth since then. By 1997, WEINMANN had moved into the most technologically advanced production facility for prefabricated houses in the whole of Europe, and had pioneered PC-based smart production lines at its factory. Soon after that, the firm opened a factory in Port Hood, Canada and began to deliver more orders to the USA and Russia as demand for prefabricated accommodation started to rise. WEINMANN Germany nowadays focuses on manufacturing advanced timber panels for such homes, with light weight, high strength and insulating properties. It has a philosophy centred around three elements: partnership, innovation and tradition, and seeks to partner with all sizes of home builders, from individuals to large property developers. As part of the Homag group of companies, WEINMANN also enjoys a worldwide marketing and service network, allowing it to expand continually into nations where prefabricated homes are desired. With an increasing focus worldwide on environmental issues, WEINMANN's products are more in demand than ever. Despite its worldwide success, the firm remains anchored in the German community of St. Johann, and retains its family-run ethos.

WEINMANN Product Portfolio

WEINMANN GmbH manufactures the following products at its factories:

  • Assembly tables
  • Multi-function bridges
  • Framing stations
  • Combi wall systems
  • Saw centres
  • Carpentry machines
  • Panel processing centres
  • Handling portals
  • Butterfly turning tables

WEINMANN works with all forms of carpentry firms, but works mainly with builders that are active in the timber house sector. It has the capability to produce beams and panels for all forms of timber building, and partners with both the private and public sector when appropriate.


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