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weilerThe German company WEILER is based near Nuremberg and is a world leader in the manufacturing of engine and cycle-controlled lathes. It has subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and North America,  giving it a worldwide reach.


World market leaders in precision lathes since 1938

WEILER Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH is a German firm which manufacturers a range of tools and plant, but specializes in the manufacturing of engine and cycle-controlled lathes. It was founded in 1938 in the town of Herzogenaurach, and was bought by an Austrian company in 1990. The 90s saw WEILER expand into Eastern Europe, and by 2006, the firm had founded a North American subsidiary to sell its lathes in new territories. As of 2012, WEILER Werkzeugmaschinen had a workforce of 550 in its major production facilities in Holoubkov and Emskirchen, and claimed to be the market leader in engine lathes across the world. All of the company's operations are focused around Emskirchen, from research and development to production and marketing. However, its American arm, based in Charleston, supplies advice and spare parts to clients across North America. WEILER Werkzeugmaschinen has recently developed an interest in sustainability, and has created engine lathes which consume 85 percent less electricity when on stand-by and marketing innovative e-Tim power monitors for its installations. Its factories are also powered by solar photovoltaics, showcasing the firm's long-term commitment to the environment. WEILER also remains a family-controlled firm, with a focus on customer satisfaction and stability across all operations. It has an in-house training centre for clients, and ensures that specialist technicians can install WEILER equipment on site where it is required.

The WEILER Machine Portfolio

WEILER manufactures the following products:

WEILER Werkzeugmaschinen Products are used in a wide range of industries, wherever precision lathes are required. This may include aviation and vehicle manufacturing, construction, heavy machinery manufacturing and crafts production.