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HANS WEBER Maschinenfabrik GmbH is a firm which specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality industrial sanding machines. It has a strong focus on efficiency and innovation.

Manufacturing sanding machines for industry for more than 100 years

The German company HANS WEBER Maschinenfabrik GmbH has been manufacturing industrial sanding machines for over a century. Currently, the firm specializes in producing wide-belt sanding machines for the processing of wood and plastics. HANS WEBER is based in the German town of Kronach, but has distribution partners in Belgium, Bosnia, China, Denmark, England, Italy, Croatia, India, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Slovakia, Sweden and many other nations around the world, meaning that its sanding machines are a global presence in workshops and factories across the globe. WEBER Maschinenfabrik has a keen focus on innovation in the sanding and grinding process. It has pioneered techniques such as the CBF sanding process, which has eliminated many of the flaws on materials that remain after they have been sanded. It has also released a range of HANS WEBER Eco Drive sanders, whose motors deliver a high quality sanding product at a very high level of efficiency, saving energy in the process. Other technologies that HANS WEBER Maschinenfabrik Gmbh specializes in include contact free scanning of materials prior to sanding, so that a precision-sanded finish results. The company sells newly manufactured equipment, but also provides a range of used HANS WEBER sanding devices to customers via its website.

HANS WEBER Product Portfolio

The range of sanding and grinding products manufactured by HANS WEBER includes:

  • WEBER LCS wood sanding machines
  • WEBER LCE compact sanding stations for wood and lacquer
  • Multiple sanding stations
  • WEBER KSV high capacity sanding machines
  • Calibrating machines
  • Wood scanning machines
  • I-Touch control devices

HANS WEBER Maschinenfabrik products are used in light and heavy industries across the world. They are applicable wherever clients require the sanding or grinding of wood, lacquer or plastic materials, and are used by industries as diverse as packaging, automobile manufacture and furniture production.