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VOLKSWAGEN is one of the largest, most well-known automobile brands in the world. Since 1937, the firm has designed  cars and trucks that are in use across the world.

An iconic German vehicle brand

German firm VOLKSWAGEN AG (VW) is one of the world's leading automobile and industrial vehicle manufacturers, and it's commercial vehicles arm has its corporate headquarters in the city of Hannover. Founded in 1937, VW initially supplied low cost  passenger cars to the domestic German market. After the war, the firm adapted its popular car designs and started to produce VW vans for commercial transport, and by 1954 100,000 of these "transporters" had been produced. Different van models followed throughout the 1960s, and the 1970s saw VW branching out into light trucks, beginning multi-national sales operations with a Brazilian subsidiary in 1981. The firm's transporters continued to be a go-to vehicle for commercial clients, with 6 million having been sold by the mid 1980s. This success led to new departures for the company, including a fruitful collaboration with Mercedes Benz on the Sprinter range of vans. During the 2000s, VW's range of vans and trucks has continued to lead the way, with the firm receiving many industry awards along the way. VW has also introduced new technologies to lower fuel consumption, such as BlueMotion, in keeping with the firm's commitment to sustainability. New developments since 2010 have included plans to expand manufacturing into China, as well as providing bus services to the Indian market.

The VW product portfolio

The range of commercial and industrial vehicles manufactured by VW includes:

  • VW Amarok utility vehicles
  • VW Caddy light vans
  • VW California utility vehicles
  • VW Caravelle cabs
  • VW Crafter delivery vans
  • Multivans
  • Transporter delivery vans
  • Specialized refrigerated vehicles

  • The VW range is designed to be suitable for a wide variety of corporate and public sector clients. The firm's vans are used by cab firms, hospitality and tourism companies, as well as food and drink or parcel delivery companies.