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The Finnish-Swedish firm VALTRA manufactures reliable tractors and other agricultural equipment. It has bases in both Europe and Latin America, as well as a global sales reach.

A leading Nordic tractor manufacturer with over a century of experience

VALTRA Inc. is a tractor manufacturing and servicing company with its origins in both Finland and Sweden. The firm began in Finland, when Valmet was formed in the nineteenth century. More recently, Valmet merged with Volvo Tractors to form a Swedish-Finnish combination named VALTRA, which distributes its tractors across the world. VALTRA was one of the pioneers of mechanical tractors, manufacturing its first combustion-engine powered agricultural vehicle back in 1913. Nowadays, the firm operates around a set of core principles, which include aspects like team play, openness and reliability. The firm has also developed a code of conduct regarding sustainability, installing facilities such as a waste wood burner at its factory and reducing waste products in general. VALTRA operates globally, selling its products in 75 countries. It has factories in the Finnish town of Suolahti, as well as the Brazilian town of Mogi das Cruzes which provides it with effective reach into the Latin American agricultural sector. VALTRA also has around 2100 employees across the world, and manufactures 24,000 tractors every year, each of them tailored to the specifications of clients. This focus on customer needs is one of the company's core practices, as well as a focus on "Nordic" reliability.

VALTRA product portfolio

The range of tractors and other equipment produced by VALTRA AGCO includes:

  • Mid-sized tractors
  • High output tractors
  • Light tractors
  • Work clothing
  • Auto Guide 3000 production monitoring equipment
  • Isorbus controls
  • Agcommand telemetry system
  • Remanufactured engines
  • Service kits for existing VALTRA tractors
  • Lubricants
  • Batteries
  • Cab accessories
  • Working lights

VALTRA produces equipment that is targeted at the agricultural sector. As such, its tractors are used in arable and livestock farming, as well as horticulture and land management by municipal and private clients. Its tractors may also be used in construction or other manufacturing processes.