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TCM Lift Truck LogoTCM Corporation is a multi-national manufacturer of forklift trucks, rated as the eighth largest lift truck manufacturer in the world, with its headquarters in Japan, where the TCM story began. Its wide range, constant history of innovation and reputation for toughness, build quality, safety and reliability has given it a global market.


A history of TCM Corporation

TCM harbor/ terminal forklift-
TCM harbor/ terminal forklift-

TCM Corp. was founded as post-war Japan reconstructed and in 1949 it built Japan's first forklift truck. TCM began exports just a year later and in 1952 it established its plant in the city of Ryugasaki, which remains one of its prime production plants today. In 1960, TCM made the first Japanese wheel loader and then expansion began worldwide. First came offices in Germany, and in 1976, a sales and distribution company was established in the United States. This was so successful that TCM began production in the US in 1988. Other production plants followed, in Belgium and, later, in China. In addition to the plant in Ryugasaki, TCM has a second Japanese production plant at Shiga, which received a certificate of excellence in 1996. Other awards have come for its innovative FTB-7 and iNOMA forklift trucks, which won awards for good design. TCM Corporation says one of the reasons for its continued success is its focus on making its forklifts and other construction equipment the favourite of drivers. TCM Corporation says in terms of respecting the environment, it prides itself on all of its products meeting international emissions regulations.

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