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The Dutch firm STORK manufactures a range of food processing equipment, with a focus on aseptic fillers and blow moulders, allowing clients to extend the shelf life of their goods.

One of Europe's largest manufacturers of food processing equipment

STORK Food & Dairy Systems B.V manufacture processing and filling lines for the international dairy and food production sector. Founded in Amsterdam in 1915, STORK started out as an iron foundry but quickly shifted into other areas, manufacturing specialist processing equipment for the chocolate making industry. After World War One, when the Netherlands was a major importer of Indonesian palm oil, the firm developed many new ways of processing palm oil into foodstuffs and other commercial products. However, at the same time the firm developed its dairy equipment and this sector took over as STORK's major area of focus during the 1950s. Since then, the company has delivered manufacturing equipment that has been used in the production of products as diverse as flavoured chocolate milk, soups, fruit juices, pet food and meat products. The firm supplies a range of different services for clients in the food production sector, including ways to preserve products when on the shelf such as aseptic filling bottles. To achieve this, STORK has adopted a sophisticated corporate philosophy which stresses creativity, teamwork, professionalism and flexibility when trying to meet the needs of customers. This has allowed the firm to develop custom solutions for every aspect of each client's food manufacturing challenges.

The STORK product portfolio

The range of food processing products manufactured by STORK includes:

  • Linear aseptic fillers
  • Rotary aseptic fillers
  • Rotary blow moulders
  • Sterideal UHT systems
  • Steritwin UHT systems
  • Hydromatic Continuous Sterilizers

The products manufactured by STORK are overwhelmingly used in the food processing sector. Products processed by STORK's equipment include yoghurts, milk drinks, fruit juice, meats, pet foods and soups - but the firm is flexible when meeting the needs of customers and can deliver bespoke solutions.