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STANKO Maschinenhandels GmbH is a German machine tools trading and servicing company based in the town of Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne. STANKO offers the sale of new, used and refurbished machine tools and related equipment manufactured by its partners the former Soviet Union, as well providing help with trading links with countries in the Russian Federation.

A history of STANKO Maschinenhandels GmbH

STANKO Maschinenhandels GmbH can trace its roots back to the pre-war years of the Soviet Union, when all industry was nationalised by the Soviet state. In 1930, Stankoimport Moscow was established, a foreign trade company which was a large import and export association. Stankoimport didn't manufacture machine tools, but served solely as the trading arm for machine tool factories in the Soviet Union. This machinery was regarded as a combination of well-specified and competitively priced, so gained popularity in the West. Post-war, this led to the formation of the branch of Stankoimport in West Germany, in the town of Bergisch Gladbach, where it remains today. Now renamed STANKO Maschinenhandels GmbH it is, as its name implies, a private company. It markets machine tools, branded STANKO, made by manufacturers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States. STANKO also facilitates trade with Russia and several European companies. In addition to offering the very latest in machine tools, both new and used, from stock, it offers state-of-the-art service, overhaul and maintenance facilities in a 10,000 square metre site.

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