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siemens-logoSIEMENS AG is one of the world's largest firms, and specializes in delivering complex engineering and technological solutions. Product areas include power generation, industrial automation, drives and transport.

Manufacturing everything from trains to nuclear energy plants

One of the greatest names in German and world manufacturing, SEIMENS manufactures a wide selection of commercial and industrial equipment, including drive systems, automation machinery, transport vehicles and commercial buildings. It is Europe's largest engineering company. SIEMANSwas formed in 1847 by Werner von SIEMENS and Johann Georg Halske, and started off by pioneering the use of the telegraph in communications. By the 1860s, SIEMENS had pioneered another important technology, installing the first electric street lights, and expanded to include other electrical products such as light bulbs and vehicles. The firm's product range increase steadily, but experienced a rapid growth during the 1950s, when SIEMENS company profile capitalized on the demand for consumer goods, with products like washing machines and televisions. The firm also began manufacturing semi-conductor devices for power stations, and entered the nuclear sector in partnership with AEG. During the 1980s and 90s, SIEMENS AG moved into IT technology, manufacturing computers and automation systems for factories, and made acquisitions that made it the world's second largest electricity generator. The 2000s saw SIEMENS company  trying out new regions and products, seeking to become a major player in China and purchasing wind power generation businesses as well as waste water filtration services and solar power generation. These acquisitions positioned the company to continue its growth into the twenty first century, as the firm recognised the growth of sustainable technologies, alongside its traditional engineering business.SIEMENS products now offers products and services across an extremely wide variety of sectors.

SIEMENS Product Portfolio

The range of products manufactured by SIEMENS Ltd. includes:

SIEMENS AG MV Converter Systems and Drives
SIEMENS AG MV Converter Systems and Drives
  • Building SIEMENS automation and management systems
  • Sustainable buildings
  • Low voltage power systems
  • Automation systems for industry
  • Integrated drive systems and drive components
  • Renewable and fossil energy generation systems
  • Smart energy grids and appliances
  • Medical products
  • Urban transport products

SIEMENS company products are used around the world in many different sectors and settings. Industrial companies use its products to automate and power their production lines, while SIEMENS AG is a major engineering provider for public bodies. The firm also supplies medical equipment to hospitals and power generation for communities.