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SDMO Industries is a world leader in the manufacture of generating sets, based in the French city of Brest. Company sales figures show that it is the largest manufacturer of generating sets in the European market, and, globally, the third largest.

A history of SDMO Industries

SMDO Industries was founded in the port city of Brest in 1966, specialising initially in the manufacture of marine engines. Three years on, the company phased out marine engine manufacture and began manufacturing generating sets. Changes in the way electricity was charged for in France meant that these generators gained an immediate market and SDMO Industries prospered. Its  generators were finding an immediate market and SDMO responded by rapidly expanding, setting up its first sales markets in Africa by 1985. More rapid expansion followed, first to the rest of Europe. By 1995, this increased demand enabled SDMO to set up a new 15,000 square metre facility near Brest. Over the next ten years further rapid expansion followed with subsidiaries set up in the United States, Argentina, Belgium, Nigeria, Brazil and Algeria among others. Today SDMO has three production units set up separately near Brest as well as a plant it has acquired in Macquigeral near Sao Paulo in Brazil. SDMO Industries prides itself on its extensive research and development facility, established so that SDMO can remain ahead of international competitors in its market. SDMO had always been a family-owned concern, and in 2005 it was sold to the Kohler Group. SDMO Machinery says that its extensive worldwide network, coupled now to the strength it has as being part of the Kohler Group, allows it further to add to its international sales and to make sure of further development.

SDMO Industries Product Portfolio

  • Portable power generators 
  • Domestic power generators 
  • Professional portable power generators
  • Electrical pumps 
  • Welding sets
  • Rental power generators 
  • Industrial generators


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