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  • SCHWARZE-WIRTZ PERFEKT WE 40 D Mandrel tube bender
    • Auction: 26 days left

    Schwarze-Wirtz PERFEKT WE 40 D

    Germany | Velen

    3,200 € $ 3,411 £ 2,764

    Mandrel tube bender Machine was overhauled in 1994 by Schwarze-Wirtz General. See machine chart. Very much bending accessories. Good condition. Tube diameter 32 mm Wall thickness 2 mm Biegeradius min. 35 mm Biegeradius max. 200 mm Bending angle max. 180 ° Thorn length 3000 mm Total power requirement 8 kW Machine weight approx. 1.2 t Space requirement approx. 4.0 x 1.0 x 1.4 m

  • Pipe-Bending MachineSchwarze-Wirtz CNC 20 P
    • Fixed Price

    Schwarze-Wirtz CNC 20 P

    Germany | Leipzig

    Year of Make: 1986

    fully automatic, electric-hydraulic cold tube bending machine with numeric control - multiple radios possible - preferable abor-less bending application via hydraulic pipes, brake line and such as injection line etc. - max. work performance per hour approx. 1000 bendings (referring to manufacturer) - bending head with vertical tube clamping - bending speed : forward speed 35 U/min, continuous and return speed 35 U/min. constant -max. bending angle 180 degrees! - travels longitudinal process low speed and in high speed - control panel Schwarze Robitec, control system CNC memory Schwarze -Wirtz with memory modell control via 3 div. foot pedals machine accessories: div. molds, diameter 6, 8, 10, 12 mm, (list is available)

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