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The German company SCHULER has a long history of manufacturing presses for metals and plastics, manufacturing a wide variety of products for industrial applications. It currently focuses on energy efficient, automated presses and forming devices.

One of the world's largest manufacturers of presses and forming machines

SCHULER AG is one of the world's leading manufacturer of metal and plastic forming machinery. Its major products include presses - such as SCHULER hydraulic press and stamping press -, automated equipment and dyeing systems, while it has a particular speciality in coin minting techniques and supplies many products to automobile manufacturers. The firm was founded by Louis SCHULER in 1839, but machine tool manufacturing began in the 1850s after the founder visited the Great Exhibition in London. By 1895, SCHULER AG was exporting presses from Germany to China, pioneering globalization in the process. Nowadays, the company has a focus on panel pressing and laser technology and is just as forward thinking as ever, creating new processes such as the first compact crossbar press. SCHULER operates plants across the world, in locations as different as Brazil, China, Germany, France, the UK, India and Thailand. It also seeks to partner with suppliers across the world in the search for greater reliability and efficiency when serving its clients. SCHULER has adopted a wide ranging corporate social responsibility plan, investing in education and the environment on a global basis, and seeking to recruit skilled young technicians into the firm via the Schuler Academy. The firm also provides a comprehensive support network and spare parts for all of its equipment, and provides tailored customer training for clients when this is required, so that they can get the most out of their SCHULER press.

SCHULER Machines

The range of products manufactured by SCHULER AG includes:

  • Automotive presses
  • Stamping and cutting systems
  • Coin minting technology
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Cold, warm and hot forging systems
  • SCHULER Presses for the packaging industry
  • Drives and generators
  • Automated production lines

SCHULER Germany partners with organizations in many different industries. This includes the packaging industry, coin production, automobile makers, the energy sector, railways and aviation companies.