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  • Schneider Sealer Case Top/Bottom TOP/BOTTOM

    Schneider, semi-automatic, uniform, hot glue, top and bottom case sealer rated from 4 to 12 cases per minute – depending on materials and application. Case size range: 16" to 30" in Length; 12" to 20" in Width; 13" to 19" in Depth. Equipped with a 72" long shuttle infeed conveyor, adjustable width guide rails, flap tuckers and closing plows, Hot melt glue system with top and bottom glue guns, hand crank height adjustments, 48" long top and bottom compression discharge conveyor, push button controls, and Lexan safety guarding. Mounted on casters.

  • Schneider Case Packer Erector/sealer VCP-BL4H1P

    Automatic, R/H, inline, case erector, bottom up packer, H/M sealer, capable of speeds up to 20 cpm depending on application. Package size range of: 4.75 L x 7.22" W x 11. 81" D, and case size range of: 9.75" L x 7.5" W x 12.375 D last running a 2 pack cans at 2 x 1 x 1 pattern at 30 ppm and 16 cpm. Has a 72" L x 18" W (2) chain powered blank case magazine, (4) suction cup reciprocating pic-n-place case ecrecting station, 84" L side lugged chain case transport conveyors, adjustable top squaring device, minor, and major flap tuckers. 47" L x 10" W (2) chain powered case insert magazine, right angled 7" L x 6" W curved flexlink product infeed conveyor, accumulator, and bottom load station. Nordson 3500 (2) gun H/M glue system, A/B 5/04 PLC controller, with A/B Model 900 panel view and saftey guarding.

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  • Schneider Case Packer Erector/sealer W0050
    • Fixed Price

    Schneider W0050

    Schneider Model W0050, automatic, intermittent motion, horizontal side load, hot melt glue case erector / packer with down-stacking capable of speeds from 40 to 130 packages per minute and number of cases – depending on material and application. Size Range: (12 1/2" – 15")W by (7" – 12 1/2")H. 2" high product downstaker for product (1" – 10")L by (4 1/2" – 8")W by (1" – 5")H with 12"W by 120"L infeed conveyor, with 90-degree into downstaker, and 90-degree side load into case erector. 48"L side load magazine for blanks (12" – 20")W by (16 1/2" – 30")H with chain drive, blank pusher, and vacuum pick & place. Features Xycom video display station with status indicator light, Siemens Simatic T1435 CPU, and Nordson glue system. Equipped with 12"L skate wheel discharge conveyor, case top hold-down during glue operation, and barrier guarding with electrical interlocks.

    Specifications Equipment compressor type: piston compressor liter capacity: 470 lt / min Nominal Pressure: 15 bar Motor: 4 kW Length: 1,950 mm Width: 625 mm Height: 1,305 mm Pressure: 15 bar Suction: 580 l / min eff. Batch: 470 l / min Motor power: 4,0 kW Speed: 915 min-1 Beh.-vol .: 500 l Weight: 244 kg Noise: 78 dB (A) Air outlet: 3/4 "i FIXED PRICE The traditional solution with horizontal container V-belt driven 2-cylinder unit with two-stage compression for 10 and 15 bar increases the output and guarantees high efficiency vessel with burned interior coating 15-year warranty on tank against corrosion as standard with all fittings, solenoid valve or pressure switch with relief valve for fully automatic operation, motor protection, safety valve, pressure gauge, check valve, condensate drain cock and stop cock standard features include: rubber vibration elements Electrical connection 400 V / 50 Hz, the provisions of the local power station for compressors with a 4 kW motor to be observ

  • SCHNEIDER DKS-620-270-ST Piston Compressor
    • Auction: Last day

    Schneider DKS-620-270-ST

    Germany | Lambsborn

    460 € $ 488 £ 406

    Stroke volume flow 620 l/min, volume flow 485 l/min, final discharge pressure 10 bar, motor power 4 kW, with cutter refrigeration dryer and condensate filter

    • Fixed Price


    Germany | Wiesbaden

    used hydraulic frame press in design with 6 in Traverse to the ram-acting hydraulic cylinders and 2 left and right located under return stroke

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