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The vehicle and engine manufacturer SCANIA has been manufacturing trucks and buses for almost a century. The firm bases most of its manufacturing operations in Sweden, but is active across the world and is owned by Volkswagen.

A major international vehicle manufacturer with its roots in Sweden

SCANIA AB is a Swedish manufacturer of commercial and industrial vehicles. The firm was founded in the city of Malmo in 1891 and initially manufactured railway carriages, before moving into automobiles in the 1900s. Supplying trucks to the Swedish army during the First World War brought the company prosperity, and during the 1920s, SCANIA decided to focus entirely on commercial vehicles, abandoning cars. However, it was not until the 1950s that SCANIA took off as a Europe-wide truck producer, with a recognised brand name and sales forces stationed in every country. In the 1960s, the company also decided to expand its production overseas, opening a manufacturing facility in Brazil, as well as one in Zwolle in the Netherlands. The firm also made strategic acquisitions, which brought them a favourable position in the European bus market. During the 1980s, engineers at SCANIA pioneered the manufacture of modular trucks, providing customers with as much flexibility as possible and keeping costs low. By 1990, the firm was promising customers that trucks could be designed to order, component by component, a product of decades of research and development within SCANIA itself. Heavy vehicle sales continued to grow during the 1990s, with a growing presence in eastern Europe and the Americas. This global growth encourage SCANIA to devise a global system of sourcing components, further driving down the cost of production and ensuring a uniform level of quality. The firm also invested heavily in automated production, a system which resulted in the company producing its one-millionth vehicle in 2000. This was accompanied by the purchase of most of SCANIA's shares by Volkswagen in 2000, which has allowed the firm to continue its development, introducing sustainable technologies during the 2000s.

The SCANIA product portfolio

The range of vehicles manufactured by SCANIA includes:

  • Long distance haulage trucks
  • Distribution trucks
  • Construction trucks
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Passenger buses
  • Coaches
  • Marine engines
  • Industrial engines
  • Engines for power generation
  • Mining vehicles

The vehicles manufactured by SCANIA are used in many different economic fields, from construction to mining, and from passenger transportation to haulage. Its engines are also used in power generation and the shipping industry.