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PORSCHE is a world-famous manufacturer of sports cars and everyday personal vehicles, but has also manufactured high performance diesel tractors and continues to manufacture vehicles that are used in a commercial capacity.

Manufacturing high performance cars and commercial vehicles

German firm PORSCHE is world-famous for the production of high-performance sports cars, but the firm also has a proud history of manufacturing effective and popular commercial vehicles as well. Although the world may be more familiar with PORSCHE sports cars, in the agricultural sector, the firm is more famous for its rugged vintage tractors, that have been produced for almost 80 years. The firm itself was founded in 1931 by Ferdinand PORSCHE as Dr. Ing. H.C.F. Porsche GmbH. However, the firm gained its independence when it was spun off from parent firm Vokswagen after World War Two. The firm used its expertise in manufacturing high-performance diesel engines to perfect both sports cars and tractors as demand for both forms of vehicle surged in the post-war boom.

PORSCHE tractors - a classic design 

Between 1956 and 1963, the firm manufactured over 100,000 tractors, sending them across the world to fuel agricultural modernization programmes, but production was discontinued after 1964. Despite this, thousands of the diesel tractors continued to be used for decades. The firm then switched from tractors to industrial vehicles. Since the 1960s, PORSCHE Engineering have manufactured forklifts and production machinery that is used in the automobile industry, building on the experience that the firm has gained in its consumer vehicles business. The company also manufactures a range of SUVs and cabriolet models that are suitable for use as commercial vehicles and cabs, and are widely used by major corporations for their reliability and speed. However, PORSCHE remains primarily a manufacturer of performance sports cars, and its commercial side is far smaller, although the firm does provide consulting services to industrial clients.

The PORSCHE product portfolio

The range of PORSCHE products for commercial and industrial uses includes:

  • PORSCHE Macan and Cayenne commercial vehicles
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Consulting services for the automobile manufacturing sector

PORSCHE partners with major manufacturers who require assistance in making their production processes leaner and more modern, but have particular expertise in the automobile industry. The firm's vehicles are commonly used as courtesy cars and cabs by major corporations when dealing with clients.