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peddinghausThe German firm PEDDINGHAUS is a manufacturer of metal processing machinery including drills and saws. It has most of its manufacturing operations in the United States, although it operates across the world.

World-leading manufacturers of steel fabrication machinery

PEDDINGHAUS Corporation manufactures machinery that is used in the steel fabrication industry. The company was formed in Germany in 1903 by Paul F. Peddinghaus and initially specialized in making hand punching and shearing equipment. Mechanization soon followed, and by 1930, the company had introduced a ground-breaking range of motorized shearing and punching machinery, adding surface hardening products in 1935. The 1950s found PEDDINGHAUS expanding overseas and in 1969, the company opened a second manufacturing facility in the town of Bitburg. Innovation continued, with the introduction of precision controlled beam processing systems in the 1970s and the commencement of angle iron processing systems from 1974.

Creating an American production centre and continually innovating

Strategic acquisitions soon followed, such as the American firm Manco Manufacturing, giving PEDDINGHAUS international reach. By the 1980s, the company had begun to dominate the market for integrated steel processing cells, as well as automated steel fabrication robots which became commonly used in heavy manufacturing across the world. In the 1990s further technological innovations were seen, such as plasma punching units and the company made inroads into the Latin American market. By 2001, PEDDINGHAUS Corp had added thermal cutting to its portfolio and had added a large manufacturing space in Bradley, Illinois. During the 2000s, the company added new models of CNC machining units and high speed structural drilling machinery as well as advanced band saws. It also introduced a state of the art communications and support centre and expanded its centre in Bradley to include a research and development campus. This meant that the firm would continue to add new models and wholly new technology like the revolutionary PeddiWriter - a standalone layout marker that was introduced in 2011.



The PEDDINGHAUS product portfolio

The range of products manufactured by the PEDDINGHAUS company includes:

  • Drill lines
  • Plate processors
  • Angle and detail machines
  • Thermal cutting devices
  • Band saws
  • Tool division saws
  • Shot blasters
  • Material handling solutions
  • Software for PEDDINGHAUS machining centres

The machinery manufactured by PEDDINGHAUS Corporation is intended for use within the metalworking sector. Clients include construction firms, bridge and ship builders and the energy sector, where precision cutting of metals is required.