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The German firm OPEL is known for both its range of personal cars and its reliable, popular collection of commercial vans. It offers vans in a variety of sizes and designs, with many choices of freight carrying arrangements.

Manufacturing vans for commercial clients for over a century

The German vehicle manufacturer Adam OPEL AG was founded in the nineteenth century, and became one of the first generation of automobile firms in the world. The firm carved out a reputation for producing high-speed racing vehicles as well as more conventional passenger cars which became identified with the expanding professional class in pre-World War One Germany. During the 1920s, OPEL was one of the first German firms to employ mass production techniques, and began working in partnership with the American firm General Motors, a link that still remains. This helped OPEL to become one of Germany and Europe's leading manufacturers of industrial and passenger vehicles in the period after the Second World War, as the firm built upon its reputation for style and speed. This now applies to its commercial vans, which are some of the fastest of their kind on the world market. These vehicles have also incorporated some of the firm's extensive research and development efforts, using new technologies such as compressed natural gas engines and extended-range electric motors. OPEL's vans have also pioneered design features designed to make them more user friendly, such as rear-hinged loading doors. This range of vans include well-known brands such as the Vivaro, which combines large freight carrying capacity and high fuel efficiency, or the larger Movano which is favoured by tradesmen and construction companies.

The OPEL product portfolio

The range of industrial and commercial vehicles manufactured by OPEL includes:

  • Panel vans 
  • Combi vans (passenger and freight) 
  • Minibuses 
  • Dropside trucks 
  • Tipper trucks 
  • Box vans 
  • Small hatchback vans

OPEL specialize in the manufacturing of vans for commercial use. Their vehicles are designed for clients who require the moving of small and medium sized loads, and would be suitable for firms in fields as diverse as construction, commercial delivery or retail.