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The NISSAN MOTOR COMPANY started its business in 1911 in Tokyo and in 1914 it brought the first DAT personal motorised vehicle onto the market. With a wide spectrum of commercial vehicles and forklifts, this corporation has established itself worldwide. As NISSAN is a world famous and have a wide range of products, the forklifts are one of their specialities. There might be a problem for small or even big business to buy a new NISSAN forklift due to the high price. One of the most common and worthwhile solutions is using industrial auctions to bid and buy a used NISSAN forklift. Due to the high quality of the manufacturing process, even a used NISSAN reach truck, for example can be found in a very good condition from a second hand seller.

NISSAN company's history

The sales of their developed cars were so slow that the NISSAN MOTOR COMPANY quickly started producing lorries, which were (at the beginning) subsidised by the Japanese government. They tried to sell their cars a second time by placing their Datson 10 on the market. However, a hurricane destroyed their factory in 1931. With strategical acquisitions, the company was restructured and a lot of capital helped build the brand, Datsun, and a new facility in Yokohama (which is still where the head office is today). Commercial vehicles were not in high demand during the war, and so they replaced their production with airplane and ship engines. In 1947, they continued to produce vehicles and this was modernised through licensing. With the development of their forklift in 1957, NISSAN FORKLIFT was a milestone in the company's history. These forklifts were first developed for their own use, but in the 1970s they became so successful that they were exported to Europe. The NISSAN FORKLIFT GROUP produces their models in their own facilities in Spain, Japan, U.S.A. and Sweden.

NISSAN Areas of operation

NISSAN MOTOR COMPANY'S established knowledge of engines directly flowed into the development and production of their various forklifts. This is why the NISSAN FORKLIFT GROUP can provide so many differently dimensioned forklifts with electric or combustion engines. Additionally, this company also has machines and equipment for storage technology, like the commissioner and reach trucks. These are included in their world-wide portfolio. This company puts a lot of value on advanced technology and the reduction of emissions.

NISSAN cushion tire lift truck
NISSAN cushion tire lift truck
NISSAN electric forklift
NISSAN electric forklift
NISSAN electric reach truck
NISSAN electric reach truck
NISSAN walkie stacker
NISSAN walkie stacker

NISSAN Product portfolio

NISSAN portfplio is very big, wide and diverse. here are some examples for what NISSAN can offer as a new machine or as a used NISSAN machinery: