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The Swiss company MIKRON manufactures automated machining solutions for manufacturing companies. Typical clients would include electronics firms where complex assembly processes are involved.

Manufacturing machining and automation solutions for clients around the world

MIKRON Holding AG is a Swiss firm which manufactures machining and automation solutions that are used by industrial organizations to make their production processes more efficient. Maschinenfabrik MIKRON AG has its roots in 1908 when the company was founded in the town of Biel. Initially, MIKRON supplied watch-makers with machine tools and systems to allow them to increase production. At this stage, the firm specialized in gear cutting equipment, but the product range soon began to widen as the Swiss economy became more sophisticated. From the 1940s onwards, MIKRON CNC added products such as milling machines and plastic cutting devices to its portfolio, and also made strategic acquisitions to expand its product range - such as the firm Albe which manufactured ball-point pens. This acquisition brought MIKRON the ability to manufacture rotary transfer units. Steadily, the company brought together a collection of products and skills which allowed it to manufacture advanced machining centres for manufacturers with a high degree of automation.

Becoming a Global Automation Supplier

Overseas expansion also followed, with the founding of an American subsidiary in 1978 and a German factory as well. This was accompanied by further innovation, with MIKRON introducing game-changing technologies such as its Multistar machining systems and robotic assembly cells. In the 2000s, MIKRON brought to market the first linear assembly system to allow speeds of greater than 100 cycles per minute as well as advanced drills with interior cooling mechanisms to enhance efficiency and safety. During this period, the company also continued to acquire firms which specialized in automation, adding computer systems to its portfolio and mixing the machining expertise of MIKRON with its new partners. This means that the modern company with Mikron AUTOMATION can offer full consulting and installation services to industrial clients around the world, providing client-based automation solutions.

The MIKRON product portfolio

The MIKRON Machine portfolio includes:

  • Automation platforms
  • Tray handlers
  • Flexible feeding systems
  • Customized automation and feeding systems
  • CrazyDrill cutting tools
  • Loading and unloading systems
  • Pre-processing systems
  • Machining software

The Mikron machinery and systems are designed to allow manufacturers to automate and enhance their production processes. Any firms which assemble products from a complex range of components may be a suitable client, which would include electronics firms. Other clients include engineering firms that need to cut materials such as metals and plastics precisely.