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Based in Germany, the well regarded and long established MERKLE GmbH company manufactures high quality welding and cutting equipment and related technology. Additionally, the company produces components for mechanisation, robotics and automation, as well as Quality Management Analysis Control Systems.

MERKLE Schweißanlagen-Technik GmbH Company Profile

MERKLE was founded in 1964 in the Waldstetten / Günzburg area of Bavaria, Germany by William Merkle, who saw a gap in the market for the efficient production and distribution of high quality welding and cutting equipment.

In 1979 the company began producing components for automatic welding and over the years has pioneered a number of innovative technologies. In 1991 they introduced their Synergic Pulse Welding Unit. Their TEDAC electronic control and display allowed status information at a glance and instant adjustment. The new millennium saw 100 KHZ Inverter technology introduced and the company launched their TIG 240 DC with BiPower Technology.

Today the MERKLE GmbH headquarters are situated in a 7,000 square metre facility in Kötz, Bavaria, where all aspects of mechanical and electrical production are dealt with, in addition to research and development, where a dozen engineers are employed in a separate trial and electronics department. Almost all the machine and burner parts are produced in the company's in-house milling and turning shop. The company's state of the art main warehouse is also located at this facility.


The main Kötz plant employs around 100 people, with a further 190 working in the MERKLE Schweißanlagen-Technik GmbH service offices throughout Europe. MERKLE welding products are distributed in more than thirty countries worldwide. The company prides itself on the efficiency of their equipment under even the most demanding conditions, as demonstrated by its use by both the British and Swiss military.

I addition to manual operation, the entire product range of MERKLE welding can be adapted for semi automated, fully automated and robotic operation.

MERKLE GmbH Product Portfolio