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Based in the small community of Westerheim, Germany, MEBA ranks as one of the world's leading manufacturers of metal bandsaw machines. The company was one of the very first manufacturers to specialise in metal bandsaw production.

About MEBA

First established in the early sixties, MEBA has a long-standing reputation as a pioneer in band saw technology. A family-run business from the outset, MEBA today retains the philosophies and ideals of those early days, despite its expansion from a small regional company to a major international organisation. Continually looking to evolve, MEBA moved all of its production and administration facilities from Esslingen am Neckar to its current base of Westerheim in 1982, marking the beginning of the company's growth as an international presence.

MEBA employs state-of the-art engineering processes in the manufacture of its bandsaw machines and is continually adapting its production techniques to further improve the already high quality of its manufacturing output.

MEBA Product Portfolio

MEBA is a world-leading specialist in the manufacture of bandsaws. The company's output includes:

  • Mitre bandsaws
  • Straight cutting bandsaws
  • Automatic machines

MEBA machines are put to use in a variety of industries including the steel trade, metalworking industry, locksmiths and tool manufacture. From the production of stair rails to the building of ships, the MEBA range of bandsaws is highly regarded across all industries.

In addition to the bandsaw machines themselves, MEBA produce a range of accessories and spare parts including the highest quality sawblades.