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The German firm MAN SE manufactures engines and vehicles, with a focus on trucks and buses. The firm also makes specialist engines for power plants and reactors, as well as a range of maritime and space-related products.

A world-wide vehicle and engine manufacturer with a long history

MAN SE (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg) is a multinational firm which manufactures engines and vehicles such as heavy haulage trucks and boats, as well as equipment for use in industrial applications such as power plants. The company traces its origins to the foundation of an ironworking plant in the Ruhr Valley in 1758, and it started out producing metal components for projects such as horse-drawn railways. Steam engine manufacturing followed in the 1810s, and locomotives from the 1840s, as the firm opened up manufacturing plants in Nuremberg and Augsburg. During the later half of the 19th century, the firm expanded into manufacturing printing presses, refrigerators, bridges and diesel engines, as the industrial revolution moved forward at a rapid pace. MAN moved with the times, introducing innovations such as steam turbines in the 1900s and truck manufacturing after 1915.

Supplying everything from cruise liners to space rockets

By 1950, MAN was a globally known diesel engine and truck manufacturer, but the firm never specialized totally in vehicles, developing new reactor technologies for the energy sector and participating in the European space project as well. The 1980s saw the firm focus on making their diesel engines as efficient as possible, and the company carried out high profile projects such as the delivery of diesel engines to the Queen Elizabeth II cruise liner. Innovation continued elsewhere though, as MAN introduced articulated buses with continuous flat floors and the world's first ten-stage gear compressor in 1997. In 2000, MAN hit a milestone as its one-millionth vehicle left the production facility, and the firm's buses continued to win industry awards on a regular basis. Despite its long history, MAN continued to be on the cutting edge of vehicle design, seeking to introduce a new generation of trucks and buses in 2010. It also underwent organizational changes without losing its corporate character, with the Volkswagen Group taking majority control of MAN in 2012.

The MAN SE product portfolio

The range of vehicles and industrial products manufactured by MAN SE includes:

  • Heavy haulage trucks
  • On-road and off-road engines
  • Marine engines
  • Buses
  • Diesel engines for power plants
  • Compressors and expanders
  • Tubular reactor systems
  • Turbochargers

MAN SE's trucks are widely used by haulage companies and retailers, while their buses are a popular choice with municipal organizations. Their power and energy products are used in electricity generation facilities (both conventional and nuclear) while their engines are also used in maritime applications and the space sector.